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Alain Germain

Age: 65


Number of Cruises: 10

Cruise Line: Oceania

Ship: Regatta

Sailing Date: 2012-11-1

Itinerary: Amazon

While we thoroughly enjoyed the scenery along the 930 nautical miles (1,700 km) up to Manaus in the heart of the Amazon, we were very disappointed with the quality of the speakers. One was an oceanographer who readily admitted that he knew nothing about rivers and consequently knew nothing about the Amazon (not a good start). The second speaker had no specific knowledge of the Amazon either. One of her lecture was entirely devoted to the slave traffic. We probably saw a million trees of different shapes and forms. Some with while bark, some with dark red bark. No one had a clue about the varieties of the Amazon trees. In fact, no one had any knowledge of the varieties of birds, fish, etc.

While Brazil economy is vibrant (Brazil is one of the BRIC's countries (Brazil, India, China, etc) no one even addressed this phenomenon. While the main theme was the "Enchanted Amazon", the "disenchanting" part was in fact that no one had a true first hand knowledge of the main topic: The Amazon.

We believe Oceania should have made the effort to embark a Brazilian expert or even a professor to share his first hand knowledge of the Amazon and be able at least to answer some of the basic questions.

We have to assume that Oceania did not want to face the trouble to find such a knowledgeable person or did not have the budget for it.

Talking about "budget". We have cruised many different cruise lines and we enjoy playing "Trivia". On most cruise line, the winning team is given, everyday, either a free drink, a mug or a pen, etc. Here on Oceania Regatta, the winning team gets 3 points, the second team 2 points and the third team 1 point. The first redeemable item takes 10 points and guess what it is.....a bookmark (with Oceania Logo). That says it all!!!.

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