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Age: 30

Occupation:Event Planner

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Caribbean Princess

Sailing Date: 2010-02-24

Itinerary: Southern Caribbean

This is the second cruise we have been on the first being Carnival 2 years ago. The ports in the S. Caribbean really caught our eye really wanting to make 5 stops instead of 4 like other ships offer. We decided this made a great honeymoon vacation for us, but were very disappointed in many of the areas. We understood that this ship is more "relaxed" compared to Carnival meaning less of a college age drinking crowed however we did not realize that after 9pm it was a ghost town with the average age of 65 the energy level on the boat was at a yawning level. I was not there to get drunk and hoot and holler all night but it was laughable how boring it really was. To sum it up great stops (St Thomas, Grenada, Dominica, Aruba and Bonaire) but the ship has a lot of work to do to be at the same level of their competition.

Food buffet was good, great selection I did not have any issues with waiting in line with as many locations as they have there was not an issues. There is NO and I repeat NO seating if you go at peak times you will have to take it back to your room like I did 3/4 of the time. The formal dining was awful! I am not a seafood person so I knew going in my options would be minimal since they try to impress everyone with the seafood options, but there were nights that I ordered something and it just tasted bad! (good thing for the pizza bar hard to mess that up) this ran a close second to the entertainment for me as something I was looking forward to the most and could not have been more disappointed.

Stateroom was a stateroom. Bathroom and shower was as expected and clean most of the time. We went with a balcony this time and were very happy with the size and all of that. Our cleaning lady was very nice on day one but by the end of the cruise my wife and I laughed we thought she was going to jump off the balcony she was so miserable. She did not say 1 word to us the last 3 days and we saw her at least 3-4 times a day. She had this scowl on her face the whole time it was actually quite comical.

I will sum this up with a question......what activities??? If you consider seeing the same comedian 2-3 nights in a row with the same material activates then I guess I need to re-think what I consider entertainment. The entertainment on this ship is by far the worst thing. I understand the average age on the boat was 65 and wine tasting and Art auctions and Bingo was probably the best activity choice but let's consider the whole group. If you want to go on a cruise and be entertained every night then don't go on this one because by 9pm you will be yawning. After 9pm with the exception of the casino the ship is boring. The bartender under the large screen that plays movies said to me that this was the most bored he had been in years (when staff is bored it's hard to give that energy to the guest)

Snorkeling you can't go wrong with. Island tours are always fun if you don't want to spend the whole day doing something, however I found the island tours not booked through the cruise were a lot more fun and MUCH cheaper. I understand the ship needs to make MORE money and hikes the price up but every stop there are locals who have their own tours to offer (Only go on ones that can hold 10 or more people do not go alone or even a couple, maybe I watch to many TV shows that bad things happen to people, but some of the people seem a little sketchy)

Anytime you can go from 10 degree winter weather to 90+ sunny weather you are going to enjoy it (providing you like the warm weather) however do not go on Princess if you are looking to be entertained or have 100% of the staff being friendly and outgoing. I learned my lesson I had read so many reviews before booking and saw all the negative things but thought nah I can make it fun, I can honestly tell you they were all right! If you want to just go island to island then this might be ok for you but if you want to be wowed you won't be. The cost of everything is through the roof (Pictures 5x7 that they take when you get off the boat 2 years ago on Carnival they were $7.99 Princess $19.99) Just because Princess might seem cheaper in price at the end of it you will end up paying more between gratuity and daily gratuity and all the prices being more. I will cruise again but not on this cruise ship! They better figure things out quick or they will be sailing a 1/2 full boat.

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