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Megan Pales

Age: 32

Occupation:Sports Medicine

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Caribbean Princess

Sailing Date: 2014-06-8

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

My husband and I sailed on the Caribbean Princess to the Eastern Caribbean for our honeymoon. I have sailed on 2 other cruise lines and my husband was a first timer. We chose Princess because of their reputation as being the very best in all categories. For most of our honeymoon we had a great experience. Unfortunately, it was soured on the day before disembarkation due to a sewage water flood in our cabin. What was much worse than that was how Passenger Services handled the incident. I have never had such dismissive customer service!

The entire cruise there were issues with the toilets on the ship. For the most part, 2/3 of the general toilets on the ship were "out of order" and would not flush. Our personal cabin had this issue on the second to last day of the cruise. We called passenger services to let them know and they said they were having a 'suction issue' and would send someone up to take care of it. Being told the issue was taken care of; we left the ship to tender to the Princess Cays. After waiting for an hour to leave the ship, we were told we also needed photo I.D., so we ran back up to our cabin. When we reached our cabin, we found the toilet was overflowing and sewage water had filled the front half of the room. All of our luggage, shoes, and clothes that were in the closet were wet and discolored. The carpet was completely saturated. We immediately called passenger services and told them the toilet was currently flooding our cabin and they put us on hold for 15 minutes. We were never able to actually speak with anyone. We began moving all of our contaminated things to the dry areas and continued to wait for assistance... we never got any. We decided to leave to the island and deal with it when we came back, hoping that our calls for assistance would send someone to our cabin to fix the problem.

We returned to the ship ~3 hours later to find the floors still completely saturated and our belongings in the contaminated heap where we had left them. You could see the floors had been vacuumed but not cleaned. We found our own personal beach towels had been used to mop up the sewage water and were thrown in a garbage bag sitting on the wet floor. There were no messages for us, no help, nothing.

We again called Passenger Services for assistance. This time they sent someone up to talk to us. They tried to tell us the water overflow was from the clean line to the toilet, not the dirty. I picked up a swim suit top from the wet pile of clothes and showed them the disgusting, discoloration. I asked how that would come from clean water. No answer. They ended up laundering our clothes and bags for us. They said they "sanitized" our shoes, but we found out from our steward that all they did was put them in the clothes dryer. There was still dirt on our athletic shoes. We asked to be moved to another cabin while the carpets were cleaned and dried. We were told "no". Princess's solution: lay down beach towels on the carpet that was soaked with sewage water. We asked if there was anywhere we could shower. We were told "no", and passenger services couldn't understand why putting down towels on the carpet wasn't good enough. The beach towels soaked through within minutes. We obviously wore shoes at all times while in our cabin, so now not only is the wet carpet contaminated but so is the rest of the carpet and the bathroom.

We went down to the Passenger Services desk to speak with the manager. He offered the least assistance. He said he didn't want to speak with us at the counter and asked us to follow him somewhere where we could talk. I was expecting to walk into his office. Instead, he led us into a public walkway outside the Crown Grill dining room. Here he continued to tell us that the best they could do was put down towels and try to dry out the carpet. He told us to go to dinner and he would figure out how he could better accommodate us, and he would leave a message on our cabin phone about how we would proceed from there. We went to dinner and walked for a while. When we returned to our cabin at ~8p.m. we found our laundered clothes on the bed. The carpet was still dirty and wet with a fresh layer of beach towels on top. We went back down to the Passenger Services desk to speak with him. We were told he left at 7 and would not return. We disembarked the next morning without ever hearing from anyone! As far as our steward knew, the carpets had never been cleaned. He was the one that kept replacing the towels trying to dry out the carpet. No one else paid any attention the raw sewage water that had soaked half of our cabin and belongings.

Needless to say I was and still am absolutely shocked! Good luck to the next person that stays in cabin E321 on the Princess Caribbean. You are walking on and placing your belongings on sewage soaked carpet!

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