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Age: 63


Number of Cruises: 8

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Caribbean Princess

Sailing Date: 01-25-2009

Itinerary: Southern Carribean

Overall, it was a disapointment, we have always cruised on Carnival, and I guess they spoiled us. We were not prepared for this circus. What this ship needs is new management! The Capitan was no where to be found onboard. And comments from the various crew members say he is not available to them either. One person stated he had been onboad for 3 years, and had only seen the Captain 3 times in that period. What happens onboard is his direct responsibility .... he sets the tone for his domain. Perhaps he should return to cargo ships where he came from? Food was nothing to get excited about, the most enjoyable meal we had was a steak in the Coral dining room, which was closed most of the cruise. The coffee on this ship was worse than any swill I have ever had at a truckstop! The one saving grace was the coffee service by the pursers desk, where you had to pay get a good cup! I researched the coffee issue, and was informed the coffee is placed aboard the ship in a frozen format, which is then hearted and served. And it was obvious! Our room was standard fare, I suppose, the steward did an excellent job and was rewarded accordingly. Casino was closed the first couple of days, the ship had just returned to service from a dry dock overhaul. And many features were not available. The ship should have never sailed on this date, it was not ready for service. Bonaire snorkling on the "SeaCow" was great! Grenada was an experience, we went to spice and rum factories. No biggie there, but we did see much of the island that way. The people of Grenada were preparing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their independence. The island was abuzz with that. We booked nothing in Dominica, and the ship berthed at the commerical pier, making it necessary to ride a shuttle to "town". St. Thomas remained a great place to go ashore. Just wandered around. This trip was booked early in 2008 to coincide with our weekly sojurn to Aruba. We were to depart on Jan 11, 2009. Late last year we received notice out cruise had been canceled due to ship entering dry dock and would not sail before Jan 25th. We re-arranged all our schedules and plane reservations and sailed after Aruba. Strike 1. When we arrived in San Juan at 530pm, after the flight from Aruba, we were detained at the airport, we were informed the boarding proceedure was non-exsistent. We ramained at the airport until 730pm. Upon arrival at the ship, we learned others had been standing in line since 12 noon, and many of the elderly had indeed passed out from the heat and delays in boarding. The ship was scheduled to sail at 11pm Sunday, it finally slipped the berth at 630am on Monday. Strike 2 Enroute we discovered many sections of the ship were off limits, as construction was ongoing. The Coral dining room and the casino were closed completly. When we arrived in Bonaire, there was a crew overhead our balcony painting, the fumes were terrible. The next day in Grenada, they decided it was a good time to paint our deck. It was unannounced and the paint crew had entered the cabin to store the deck chairs. (Unacceptable, we anticipated some security of our pocessions. The steward is the only person we should have seen unannounced in our cabin.) Strike 3 When departing the ship, we were "Pink 7" on the luggage tag, indicating we had a later flight. When asked to depart the lounge, instead of using the numbering system 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 they dumped us all into the stairwell at once. Traffic jam from deck 7 to deck 4. Resulting in customs closing the terminal until they could clear some of the jam. Strike 4 Overall, this ship is poorly managed and needs much more than dry dock to improve upon it. Princess should consider re-vamping the Captain and Senior staff. Hopefully Carnival will welcome us back with open arms. (Since Carnival now owns Princess, perhaps they need bring the "fun ship" atmosphere to the siblings!

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