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Regina Filipiak

Age: 54

Occupation:Talent Acquisition Executive

Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Crown Princess

Sailing Date: 2010-12-11

Itinerary: western carribean

Overall the cruise was Good. HATED the REAR FACING CABIN. If you like to vibrate 100% of the time even in ports etc., then you'll love the cabin--we hated it. I had to take down any empty hangers because of the constant clattering. The room steward would hang them back up and I would take them down because of the noise. There was no stopping to the vibration. Even when we docked in ports and even when we docked back in Ft. Lauderdale when we arrived back home--it was constant vibration, vibration, vibration, I cannot see why people love the rear facing cabins--all they do is vibrate. This was my sixth cruise and I had never had constant vibration. And of course, if the seas got worst you not only had the constant vibration, but also the wave motion. The wave motion is better than the constant vibration. Very iritating. Grand Caymen had high waves so they cancelled all watersport activities including going to the beach. Cloudy cool day in Grand Caymen 72 degrees with very little sun. Cozumel was not much better, cloudy and very little sun with the high going to 73 degrees, even Roatan, Honduras was cloudy with some sun , but again cool 73 degrees. The water was actually warmer than the air temperature. You had to have a jacket if you were on anykind of snorkeling trip which we were. Thank God, we brought our zip up sweatshirts.

The food was okay in Horizon Court--it was always hot, but just okay. Food on Deck 5 was better at the pastry shop/salads & sandwiches. Pizza was always hot. Hamburgers were made to order. Room Service was okay--food was not piping hot at all. Now the Crown Grill was EXCELLENT!!!! We ate there 4 nights and should have eaten there every night. Anything we tried on the menu was EXCELLENT!!!!. Steaks were cooked to perfection!!!! And very tender--especially the NY Strip Boneless and Filet of Mignon. The 22 oz Porterhouse was good, but the other two were GREAT!!! All the sides we tried at Crown Grill were AWESOME!!!!. You can have as manny steaks as you want, as many sides as you want, as many appetizers and salad as well as desserts. And for a mere $25.00 per person--it is a steal!!! The steak house can be compared to Ruth Chriss, Morton's, Gibson's any high priced steak house. The food at Crown Grill was OUTSTANDING and could not be compared to any of the other restaurants on board. Even the Iceberg Lettuce was above average at Crown Grill, but the Iceberg Lettuce you got at Horizon Court or in the regular dining rooms was not up to standard -- not as fresh!!!

I think you know how I felt about the stateroom---Constant Vibration---Constant Vibration---Constant Vibrations Rear Facing Cabin Baja 749. Balcony was twice as big as a regular balcony cabin and the view was AWESOME, but that did not make up for the Constant vibration constant vibration. As I mentioned the hangers constantly clanged against each other and was very annoying--you had to take them down. The room was clean, had plenty of storage for clothes and suitcases. Room Steward was great. Always knew when to come in to clean. There were times we thought he had a spy cam as to when we were leaving. He was great, but the Constant Vibration really got to you--couldn't wait to get off the ship at the end. It was a blessing that it was only a 7 day cruise!

There was a lot to do, you almost had to plan your day on sea days and decide what to do. The Movie Under the Stars and the movies in the Staterooms were great. Had a lot of variety as well as seeing movies that had just come out on DVD or movies that were about to come out on DVD> I know when I came home to buy a couple of the movies we had seen (we had missed part of the movie because of other activities), I was told--Oh that movie doesn't come out until next week. The Adult Only Swimming Pool at the Rear of the Ship of Deck 14 (Riviera) was kept at a warm 85 degrees, which enabled you to go swimming since the other pools were frigid and there was no one in them because the air outside during the day was only 70 to 72 degrees. We did the western carribean. There was always something to do if you wanted to.

We booked all of our excursions through the ship since we like to snorkel (we bring our own equipment). If you book through the cruise ship--if you snorkel boat/catamaran breaks down--they will hold the ship until your tour returns. If you go it on your own--you will be on your own to get to the next port. The excursions are always well organized. Boats are very clean and you always have a lot of fun. Don't like the fact that they always ask for a tip at the end. You pay premium prices for the excursions. And of course they always try to sell you something, whether it's their t-shirts or the pictures that they have taken of you.

The trip was a nice get-a-way, but next year, I will do the eastern Carribean vs. the Western Carribean. The only warm day we had was the past day of the cruise when we docked at Princess Cays in the Bahamas. Sunny--not a cloud in the sky and warm (they said it was only 75, but it felt like 82 degrees in the sun. Thank god, we rented a Clamshell--you could not stand to be in the sun for any length of time since it was so HOT!!! Saw a lot of people get burned the last day, because they did not realize how potent the sun was. It was 80 degrees in Miami when we got back as well. Hated the rear facing cabin because of the constant vibration. Will not make that mistake again. I still can't believe they charge extra for them as well as putting most of the SUITES back there--imagine paying $2K a person for a suite and constantly vibrate----nothing is worth that. Also, Princess made a big deal about us not having passports!! We had our birth certificates and picture ID. They lead us to believe that they were not going to let us on the ship because they had gotten fined. But on the Princess website, it states passports are highly recommended NOT REQUIRED!!!. When we got to Customs, they said absolutely nothing about us not having passports since we left Ft. Lauderdale and returned to Ft. Lauderdale, but the way Princess acted at the beginning of the trip you would have thought we would have problems returning at customs. At the beginning of the trip, they would not let us on the ship--there were quite a few of us and they hearded us to a room and made us wait for 40 minutes, before they decided they were going to let us on. But as I said, when we got back to Ft. Lauderdale, Customs did not say anything. They asked me what my Dad's middle name was and they asked my husband what his mom's middle name was. And said okay. They did not check our carry on luggage or anything.

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