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Steve G

Age: 40


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Emerald Princess

Sailing Date: 2010-07-27

Itinerary: Western Caribean

Our cruise was just plain terrible. The service is average at best, the ship is nice but certain sections are always closed. The food is just plain awful. The worst part is because of all the selling to you that goes on you end up feeling like you are trapped at a timeshare meeting. There literally are 5 channels on TV devoted to getting you to buy more things on the ship. We will NEVER cruise on Princess again.

The worst I have ever had. My high school cafeteria had better food. Bottom line, if you are going on a cruise for food, avoid Princess like the plague.

Lets start with breakfast. The choices are the same everyday and there are NO non-breakfast substitutes like you find on other ships. Undercooked scrambled eggs, eggs over easy, hard boiled eggs, a pre-made omelet of the ships choosing and 4 or 5 types of pork. Every other ship I have been on had at least a omelet station...but not princess.

Lunch, pasta but here's the catch with stuff mixed in, like tuna, or sausage. Some sort of casserole, which is awful every time. pre-made sandwiches with mayo or some other sauce on it every time. Fruits and burned cookies.

Dinner is horrendous. Chicken with a beef gravy (really?), fish so old you could smell it coming to the table. Oh my personal favorite, Mignons of Beef Fillets which is in fact sirloin steak (aka hamburger). It just goes on and on, and the menu just rotates, it is the same every night.

There is also premium dining (aka you pay more). We went to crown grill. I asked for a medium fillet, I got a well done, so I sent it back and got rare (and when I say rare, I mean cold inside), not wanting to embarrass my wife I ate it, and then went to the cabin and vomited.

I am a simple guy, give me a sandwich and let me determine if I want the condiment on or not. Give me a choice of at least one non-breakfast item (sandwich would be fine). Give me simple pasta and sauce, I'll add the tuna (no I never would tuna and red sauce...yeck). There are no choices on Princess, its as simple as that.

Every other cruise we went on had at least a mid-night chocolate buffet or something to accommodate late night eating, at princess they just close everything down but 1 crappy buffet.

Fine, clean. No towel animals like other cruises. The TV was filled with princess infomercials.

Lame. The "shows" we awful. We went to the "pop music" show, they played Barbara Streisand, Tony Bennett and Neil Diamond...I guess Princess still thinks we live in the 50's. We tried the "Real Live Rock Band" show, but the band sounded so terrible we left after the second song (along with about 30 other people). The only cool thing was the movie under the stars, which was filled every night. I thought it was pretty bad that on a ship the best entertainment was showing a movie.

Twister Boat in Cozumel is very fun. You do 360's in a speed boat then go to a private island that is beautiful, you return to the ship doing more 360's. Very cool.

Stay away from Jamaica. This is just an awful destination, the street vendors will hound you like you have never seen before. We had one follow us for 1/4 of a mile trying to sell us drugs, we kept saying no go away, finally we had to get a cop to get him off of us. Really, no cruise line should go to Jamaica, it is just a nasty place.

In summary. If you want great food, don't go on Princess, if you want great entertainment, don't go on Princess...basically just avoid Princess Cruises altogether...that is our plan.

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