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Princess Golden PrincessSouthern CaribbeanKevin & Melissa Swaim

Age: 23


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Golden Princess

Sailing Date: December 12th, 2004

Itinerary: NOT FOUND

Princess Cruises
Golden Princess
Southern Caribbean

Kevin & Melissa Swaim

My wife and I sailed on the Golden Princess on December 12, 2004 for our honeymoon. Overall it was a great trip and I would recommend this ship and cruise to anybody.


When we arrived in San Juan someone was there with Princess to meet us and take us to the bus. That was a little hectic because of all the other cruise lines doing the same thing and there was people and luggage everywhere. I remember them putting our luggage on what looked like a moving truck and then putting us on a bus. I didn’t like that because I am used to the luggage being on the same bus with you, but I thought, well they must know what their doing. When we got to the port it was packed as well. We must have got there at a bad time because everyone was there and there were long lines in the hot weather. We were moved to one room that looked like a hanger where we had to wait for probably 15 minutes. Then we had to get in another line according to what deck our room was on. That took another 15 minutes. Once we got to the front, the whole paper work and check in didn’t take long at all. Then we were able to walk right onto the ship. Everyone during this process was nice but in a rushed kind of way.

The Ship

When we arrived on the ship someone meet us and guided us to the elevators. Staff was in the elevators taking people to their decks and showing them where their cabins were. This was very nice. Our cabin steward came by shortly after we arrived and greeted us and made sure everything was done to our satisfaction. We had a standard cabin with a king size bed and balcony on the Aloha Deck (close to the top) and the view was great. I would highly recommend a balcony. The bathroom was tiny but we dealt with it so no major problems there. We then went up and got something to eat. The dining area was a little crowded and it was hard to find a place to sit but we eventually did. The ship was spotless of course and was very beautiful. It was a big ship and it took us some time to find our way around it but we did and the size didn’t bother us. We were not able to get in the dining room the first night because one piece of our luggage did not arrive until right before the ship left port (11:00PM). Needless to say, when you get your other 2 pieces of luggage around 5 and you don’t get your last (most important one) until 11 you get a little upset. We called 3 times about the luggage because we wanted to make sure we had it before we left the port. Every time we got the same thing, that every piece of luggage was on the ship and it took time to get it out to all the cabins.

The food was good, but there were a lot of foods on there that I was not familiar with and I didn’t want to try. They pretty much had the same thing everyday in the buffets but had lots of choices. The dining rooms were very nice, especially on the two formal nights. We had the personal choice dining and we really liked that. Since it was our honeymoon we wanted to eat alone and the waiter staff was great, and went out of their way to make sure you were enjoying yourself. The one complaint I have and it was probably out of their control was the following. About midweek, people started getting sick. Some stomach bug, I don’t really know all the details but because of this, in the buffet lines, the staff wouldn’t let you get your own food. They had to serve you and get everything for you. I didn’t like this because I felt like they were watching me and seeing exactly what I was getting. I didn’t feel like I could get whatever I wanted and that I had to get smaller portions. Room service was great and right on time. If we wanted breakfast at 9:00 delivered to our room, they were there at 9:00 on the dot. Very NICE!! We also ate at the Desert Rose, a steak restaurant on the ship. There was an extra charge of 15 dollars a person, but it was well worth it. Great service and food! We got an appetizer, salad, soup in a bread bowl, huge ribeye steak and potato, and dessert and drink for 15 dollars. It was a nice, quiet atmosphere. Since it was close to Christmas, they had live music playing that just added to it. The ship by the way was decorated for the holidays and that was a nice touch. (Even though it didn’t feel like Christmas in 85 degree weather)

The shows were good, but I would have liked to have seen more variety in the shows. Too many dance numbers to fast latin music. We really enjoyed the magic show. The pools were nice too. We found a secluded spot everyday at the very top of the ship and we used to spa pool (the current pool) We found this area the least crowded during the day.


The islands were great and we bought 3 shore tours through the ship. We did the Malibu Beach Trip in Barbados (OK, not great) We did the Jeep Safari Tour in St. Lucia (AWESOME!) and we did the Pinal Island Snorkel in St. Maartin (Alright – the drive to the other side of the island took longer than I expected) The islands were great, just too many of them. After we got home and thought about it, there were too many islands on this cruise. We only had one day at sea and we would have loved having more days at see. We were at sea on Monday, and then the rest of the week til Sunday we were at different islands.

Overall, it was a great trip and it is something we will always remember. Even though we had a few problems (and everyone usually does), the trip was a success. If you want to go to several beautiful islands for a week, then I would recommend this ship, the Golden Princess was a very nice ship and everyone on board went out of their way to make sure you had a great vacation.

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