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Crew Member

Age: 25

Occupation:work on board

Number of Cruises: 3 y

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Grand Princess

Sailing Date: n/a

Itinerary: UNKNOWN

I am wanting to remain anonymous, for a few reasons....for most of you have traveled on the Grand in the last few months, will know who I am.
I have worked for Princess for 3 years and love it. I was told about this website a few months ago, and thought I would take a look...what a great idea, but I have to say...some people will complain about the silliest things. I have to point out to someone's review....unfortunately, you ended up waiting in the express line up, and the check-in girls had passengers who didn't have it all together....this isn't Princess' fault...why complain to us about it?!?!?

Unfortunately, the weather is not in our hands...sometime we miss ports, and sometimes, we dock in another area...we do this for YOUR safety...why should Princess reimburse that?? Do you not read the fine print? That is very insulting.
I would also like to say that the Grand has been a pleasure to work on, and am very lucky to work with such a great crew....the crew is always friendly...ever think to how you are to us? There are some really nice passengers on board, but there are countless of times I have walked by passengers and said hello, and have been ignored...or looked at strangely...these are the same people who come to me later, and tell me to my face that no one says hello to them, or say we're rude....let me tell you...we are never rude first!

We always appreciate comments...but please take a minute to think about the complaint you are about to it legitimate? Am I over-reacting? Because even when we're in the right...we're always wrong....and it doesn't look good for us.

Keep in mind that we the crew not only work on the ship, we live here too...we are always on...and working with people is NOT easy, but we all enjoy it.

Thank you to all of our passengers for kind words we do receive....sometimes, we hate to see you all go....especially since we've been so buys to train you all week!
Best of luck to all future cruisers...cruising is a lot of fun, and most of all...if one thing goes wrong....don't let that ruin your vacations....we are human, and we will try to do the best to make it easier for you....if you let one thing disappoint you, then no, you will not enjoy the rest of your time!

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