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Age: 58


Number of Cruises: 9

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Star Princess

Sailing Date: April 21st, 2007

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

The Star Princess is a lovely, classy ship. I have some negative comments, but overall I would definitely sail on her again without hesitation.

Food: The food is sensational. The service in the main dining room was not up to our expectations, so our group chose to dine in the Horizon Court. We were asked to clean our hands with a sanitizing solution every time we entered the buffet line. There are two entrances in the line with sanitizing solutions at both ends. Because of this, people are bumping into each other all of the time because there is no one line for in and out. It was aggravating. Although we came to the conclusion that having these sanitizing stations at both entrances, the cruise line was trying there best to prevent an outbreak of food poisoning, they really should look into another way to do this.

Sabatinos Italian Restaurant: The food was out of this world and the service was wonderful. Well worth the extra price paid.

Tequilas Steak House: Great steaks and great service. Well worth the extra price.

Entertainment: Our group attended but was not impressed with the entertainment in the main theater. We have seen better entertainment on other cruise lines. Dancers were great, but the singers were not.

Decks: There is plenty of room for sun bathing on this ship. There are plenty of pools and hot tubs. It is really laid out well to accommodate the passengers. There were children in pools and hot tubs that were clearly labeled “Adults Only.” This was not enforced by the cruise line. I have nothing against children, but kids in diapers should not be allowed in hot tubs or pools that are for adults. There are areas which are marked for kids, and that is where they should be. We were in a hot tub that kids were using as a swimming pool diving and swimming over our bodies and splashing salt water into our drinks. The parents were no where to be found. I did not appreciate baby sitting 5 year olds. Yes, we could have gotten out, but decided we were not being chased out by kids.

Excursions: We were disappointed because we were unable to port in Jamaica because of high winds. Safety comes first. Our next stop was The Caymans where we had booked a trip to Sting Ray City. I went to Sting Ray City 3 years ago and could not wait to do it again. My friends were looking forward to it also. We tendered into shore and our tour guide said that “if you were not a strong swimmer he would recommend that you cancel this tour” because the boat would not be able to anchor on the sandbar and you would have to swim for it. Two people in our group could not swim at all and we had to cancel. We were refunded the price of the tour. Later on in the day, we spoke to people who had gone to Sting Ray City. We were told that no one had to swim for the sandbar. I was hopping mad and extremely disappointed. I had booked the cruise specifically because they had this as an excursion.

In Cozumel, we went to Passion Island, Beautiful place to spend the day. Beach was clean. If you are smokers, make sure you bring your smokes with you. I unfortunately did not and had to purchase a pack on this island. I was charged $10 a pack. I told the vendor that I was not going to pay him $10 a pack I thought he was kidding!!! He charged me $8 for the pack. I told him that I was going to my tour guide and bringing him back to this rip off artist and if he wanted to charge me a fair price, that this was his last chance to do so. He did not budge, so the guy got in a lot of trouble and probably lost his job. I ended up paying $5 per pack. My tour guide said I should have paid him $2.50. The moral of this story, BRING YOUR OWN.

Taxis: This had nothing to do with the cruise line as we did not purchase transfers and therefore we were on our own. We had two separate cabs we got in Fort Lauderdale airport to go to the ship. My cab driver pulled up to some gate and was told that we were not allowed to enter until 1:00. Our other cab was no where in sight. We asked our driver to bring us to a local bar. He drove around and around with the meter going up and up. Meanwhile I celled my friends in the other cab to tell them what happened. They were at the pier and had no problems getting in. We were scammed by this driver who deliberately brought us to the wrong gate in order to rack up the price. He eventually brought us to the right gate where we united with our friends. We paid $16.50, our friends paid $11.00. I am contacting Yellow Cab and reporting this rip off artist also.

Lessons learned the hard way.

I would definitely recommend to anyone this cruise ship. The staff was pleasant, service overall good, the ship clean and beautiful.


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