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Age: 28


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Tahitian Princess

Sailing Date: June 22nd, 2006

Itinerary: French Polynesia

Well all in all I guess this cruise was enjoyable. The crew on this ship is fantastic. The islands where beautiful. But there were a few down sides to this ship.

#1 is the food. My wife and I are not fancy food eaters by any means but this ships food takes a distant second to a Denny's diner. We have heard nothing but the opposite about other cruises so maybe it was just this one.

#2 The entertainment was a joke. At our dinner table there was us (a 28 year old couple), a 40 year old couple, a 50 year old couple and a 60 year old couple. We all were in agreement that the entertainment onboard was so bad most of the people on the boat would go to their rooms to watch TV. Very disappointing.

#3 the shore excursions are priced outrageously. My advice would be go to shore in the morning and do it on your own. We did this for most of our adventures and paid half of what the boat charged. I started really comparing prices and it seems the ship doubles the price of whatever your doing. Example; we when on a island tour for $35.00 dollars a person. This same tour with the same exact company though the cruise line was $89.00 per person. In a few situations we were in the car with the same people that booked through the boat, only they had paid double. Needless to say they were very unhappy with the price they paid.

That's it, hope this helps. I know it would have helped me. Happy cruising, John

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