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Patrick M. Murray

Age: 46


Number of Cruises: 21

Cruise Line: Princess

Ship: Tahitian Princess

Sailing Date: December 24, 2002

Itinerary: Tahiti/South Pacific

What can I say about TAHITIAN PRINCESS? It is a wonderful ship! It is becoming my favorite ship! Just perfect size! No crowd at all! Cabin on 7th deck is an ideal location because public areas are on 9th and 5th deck!

Princess actually retains all original things on the ship that Renaissance built except the ship being white! Gorgeous ship! If you really want to see what TAHITIAN PRINCESS looks like, then you should be able to browse this link:
This Pacific Princess is so similar to Tahitian Princess.
Grade: A+

Omni Air was able to grant us bulkhead seats on BOTH routes at our request! We had made a request to Omni Air by fax. We were so comfortable but I feel so sorry for other people being in "squeezed" seats. Outgoing (flying from LAX to Papeete) route had several problems like several TV being broken. Incoming (coming home) route has all TV being fixed but food barely edible! Nevertheless, Omni Air is not that bad at all.
Grade: C

Embarkation went smooth. We, Platinum level members, did not have any opportunity using the Platinum check in counter at all since it was not offered at Papeete.
Grade: B+

Food on TAHITIAN PRINCESS is from okay to good range. When Panorama Buffet served sushi food, I grabbed the opportunity. Smile! They did two times.
Grade: B-

Crew on the ship were SO WONDERFUL and SO FRIENDLY! Our waiter, Anna Maria from Hungry, was OUTSTANDING!
Grade: A+

Tours Princess offered were good. We rode horseback on beach at Huahine. It was a lot of fun. Two scuba diving areas (Riatea & Bora Bora) were good. Bell Helmets (Bora Bora) was good. We could not land at Rarotonga, Cook Island due a bad thunderstorm. The ship did handle very well during the storm. We did not purchase any tour for Papeete.
Grade: B+

We had a nice time celebrating on the New Year's eve party EXCEPT no champagne being distributed! Another corner being cut (cost effective)?
Grade: C

We, Platinum members WITH more than 8 Princess cruises (NOT everyone on Platinum level), were privately invited to a fancy luncheon at the Sabatini's Italian Restaurant! The luncheon was not based on the restaurant theme but unique offered. Lord Sterling, chairman of P&O Cruise, stopped by at each table. I was stunned to meet him in person! Wow!
Grade: A

My boys (15 years old and 11 years old) really enjoy using the kids program very much even though that the ship does not have any 'private rooms' for the kids program. They made wonderful friends.
Grade: A-

Disembarkation procedure was DIFFERENT from other disembarkation procedures at Caribbean cruises. We were able to stay on the ship until 7:30 p.m. on the last day (disembarkation day) since our incoming flight did not leave till 10:45 p.m. We had three full meals at the ship! Cool! We using the charter flight were required to go to the airport for checking in our luggage in the afternoon from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. We were divided into five groups and one group going to the airport at a time. next group in 15 or 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, I had worn the WRONG clothes! It is SO HOT at the airport (no air condition AT ALL). I SHOULD have worn clothes to be cooled (not to be kept warm!) Me idiot! Anyway, when we arrived at the airport, we received a cart carrying our luggage at no charge! After checking in the luggage, we returned to the ship for the remainder of the day. Those people using commercial flight made only one trip but not needed to check in the luggage till the evening. This procedure is not that bad at all except a really long line. Oh! oh! When we went back to the airport in the evening to catch the flight, we were in the long line again for a long period and we discovered that there was ONLY one officer checking our passports! Why only one man?? No idea!!
Grade: C

Would I do this cruise again? Definitely YES! We all really had a wonderful time!
Overall Grade: A

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