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Age: 14


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Adventure of the Seas

Sailing Date: 2010-01-25

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

This was my first cruise ever. The excitement was so powerful, it was hard to sleep at night. We arrived at the port of call, San Juan Port Rico. The shuttle took us to the dock and we saw this MASSIVE ship over 1,000 feet long. We boarded and headed to our room. It was spectacular. We had a inside stateroom that joined. The entire thing is more than I expected.

The food was one of the best parts of the trip. Our waiter was very nice and took our orders quickly. We were referred to as "The Big Family" by him as we sat with another group of four, making us nine people. The food was absolutely outstanding. Everything was cooked just the way we ordered it. It was seasoned properly, not too spicy and not too blah. The meat seemed fresh and marinated wonderfully. Our waiter gave all the kids at the table free desserts a few times, I guess because the crew on board is so generous.

The stateroom, since it was a joining interior stateroom, was small and had no windows. But you don't really need to see anything when you are going to bed. And if you need to see something, go to the top deck. Anyway, there was plenty of storage and comfort in the room. Every night, there would be a candy on our pillow and the towels would be shaped in the form of an animal by the housekeeper. There was water and ice conveniently located on a shelf under the TV. The stateroom was nice and cozy to go back to after a long day on the islands.

Being a kid, I spent most of my on-board experience in Adventure Ocean which is a club for kids. I went in there on the first day not knowing anybody but my sister. By the end of the day, we had made about 5 friends and more as our wonderful and enchanted journey moved on. The counselors hosted many fun games and awarded prizes. Also, each night, there was a late night party for kids. This was a fun experience as each night was a different theme. One night was sports night and we spent the whole night on the sports deck. I also spent time on the pool deck. The pool is surrounded by food stands and beach chairs. There is a pool-side bar, a serve yourself, low-fat soft serve ice cream machine and cones. The deck is also compacted of many beach chairs. The pool was very clean, crystal-clear. It was on the small side but not too many people were in it at once. My parents enjoyed many on-board comedy shows and the midnight buffet. They recommended the buffet as it was a great way to finish off your day without the kids!

Dont miss out on the Dolphin encounter in Curacao. This was great because you learned about and interacted with live bottle-nosed dolphins. You can see them jump and a trainer actually ride the dolphin. You also take a picture with one too,

The trip was excellent from the food, stateroom, the on-board activities, all the way to the shore excursions. This cruise is great to bring families closer together. As it may sound like there is no family time, you would be surprised at how much your family interacts with one another. This cruise is perfect for anyone looking for a lot of fun and relaxation.

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