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Age: 30

Occupation:Corporate Trainer

Number of Cruises: First Cruise

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Adventure of the Seas

Sailing Date: May 19th, 2002

Itinerary: San Juan, Sea, Aruba, Curacao, Sea, St. Maarten, St.

So many dining choices, however, contrary to my pre-cruise plans, we ate 6 nights in the dining room. Only one dish my boyfriend thought was bland (eggplant), but he could have very well asked for something else. One night he selected something not on the menu and it was done without a PROBLEM! We ate breakfast (A FULL BREAKFAST) every morning at the Windjammer – something we very rarely do at home. There is something for everyone. We ate ALL DAY long.

The shows:

We really did not attend many of the shows; the ones we did attend were good. I hear very good comments about the ice-skating show and other shows. The casino is beautiful and lucky for my boyfriend, not so friendly for me.

The Cruise:

The itinerary offered the 2 of us an opportunity to relax – something we don’t take advantage of too often. We did not do any scheduled excursions – our focus was to relax and enjoy one another. Aruba was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Rented a jeep and toured island on our own. View from the lighthouse was breathtaking! Only wish that cruise line could work out a deal with one of the hotels for passengers to be able to use their facilities for the day. Next time I would probably book either the booze cruise or the tour bus in Aruba.

Curacao was amazingly clean and colorful. We shopped around. Nice floating bridge down by the shops. Very interesting to walk over and to see it open up.

St. Maarten was my favorite stop. What a beautiful island!!??!! Relaxed on the beach and jet skied – what BETTER day could I have asked for! Great cigarette (for those who smoke) and alcohol prices – definitely better than in St. Thomas, but beware of US custom allowances.

St. Thomas began with an early morning customs process before departing the ship. Let me add – pulling into port is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Customs process really goes pretty fast and considering all things a definite plus in my book, however, I was expecting greater detail. Anyway, St. Thomas is beautiful, we lazily went about the town…getting to close to the time to disembark and I was truly beginning to feel sorry!


I was in a totally bummed out mood! I really wanted to stay on….

This day seems like a total blur…we had a late flight, so we didn’t leave the boat right away. Easily found our luggage. Took a cab down to Old San Juan – small streets, stores and restaurants. I enjoyed looking around, however, my boyfriend could have done without it. Cab ride to the airport, checked in without any real security issues. Couple of drinks, visit to the duty free shop, lots of consoling me and we were headed back to the Big Apple.


Kudos to Royal Caribbean. Going on your 1st cruise (maybe any) can be an extremely exciting and nerve-racking ordeal. Reading reviews can cause you to change your mind again and again. I am so HAPPY that I decided on the AOS! I’d tell anyone to book a cruise on this ship! If you don’t have a good time and enjoy this ship you need to look at yourself. There is no explanation for having a bad cruise on the AOS.


Create a drink program for those who like to drink while on vacation and have no responsibility for driving. Drinks can really add up. Or allow passengers to bring aboard their own liquor (not that this stopped me…I actually brought my own and spent a huge amount on the ship.)

Update the music collection in the Disco. Experiment and be creative. I enjoyed the disco, but night after night seemed like the same tape was being played over and over.

Lids PLEASE for coffee cups. It upset me to see how so many people would spill their coffee on the beautiful floors (although the staff was more than adequate in cleaning messes up).

Picture packages PLEASE! Everyone loves to have pictures to show off, but give me a break - $10 or $20 apiece!!!

I am a late owl when I vacation – why not allow bars to be open ALL NIGHT LONG?

Can we extend the hours for the pools? What is the reason behind closing them? I would have loved a late night/early morning swim.

Last night should end on a BANG!! How about a MONSTER POOL PARTY JAM!!

Well, nothing is perfect, but this trip was extremely close!


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