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Age: 23

Occupation:Mortgage Broker

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Adventure of the Seas

Sailing Date: May 28th, 2006

Itinerary: Southern Caribbean

When I first arrived on the ship, I thought WOW! It looked like a floating Las Vegas resort. We immediately went to our room, which my boyfriend found to be small (we didn't have a balcony). I found it to be cozy. We then went to sign up for the wine and dine package. If you think you will drink wine at dinner, it's a must. we also got the soda package which we ended up not really using because your off the boat most of the time. We also made reservations at Portofino's. This restaurant has a charge of 20 dollars, but it is like a five star restaurant. Good thing we got a reservation because it quickly filled up. Next, we waited 2 hours in the line to book our excursions. Hint- do it online before! Most will be booked by the time you get aboard.

Day- 1 (St. Thomas)
We weren't sure if it was wise to go to trunk bay in St. Johns by ourselves so we hesitantly got in a cab and went to Magen's Bay. I had heard mix reviews about the facilities and water, but we thought what the heck! It was GORGEOUS! We were like wow, this is paradise. It was quiet like a lagoon and wasn't busy until 11:00. We got there at 10:00 and got a spot in front of the bar. The bar was cheap, but the food at the snack bar was a little expensive for what they were offering. there were chairs to rent and we also rented a float. There were no umbrellas which sucked.

Day 2 (St. Marteen)
We decided to go to Orient Beach because we didn't have enough money to go to Pinel Island which is the best snorkel on the island. We liked orient a lot, the water was not placid like Magen's bay, but rather had waves. What was so great about the beach was the facilities and the service. I mean I was impressed and I have been everywhere (kind of a princess). We got a cushy chair and umbrella and were constantly approached by a young man named Val who was offering drinks from the bar. The facilities themselves looked like it came out of a movie scene. There were little tiki huts, and paths and bars surrounded by palm trees. The restaurant was good, but slow. I was so upset when we had to leave. It was my boyfriend's favorite day.

Day 3 (St. Johns)
Okay, now we decided to go on an excursion: the snorkel sea-ferry. we got to the "35 foot power boat" and saw it was basically a hovercraft. It was kind of shocking. We had to ride on our seats like we were riding horseback. They then told us that instead of going to Cades Reef National Park (suppose to be the best snorkeling) they took us to a private island. In fairness to them, it was the most beautiful water I've ever seen. However, the snorkeling was horrible. It was so shallow that people were getting cut on the coral. I mean it was only like 4 feet deep with 3 foot high coral. They offered rum punch and then we headed back. If I were to go back I would definitely go to Dickenson Bay. We stopped by it on the way and I was blown away. I wanted to jump of the boat and say "see ya"! All in all, it was my least favorite day.

Day 4 (St. Lucia)
I just don't really like St. Lucia. I've been there before and I wasn't impressed then either. We went to Reduit Beach. They had chairs and umbrellas, but no bar and a horrible restaurant. The water was clear, but you couldn't really enjoy it because you were constantly being heckled by locals for everything! I was kind of glad to go back to the ship.

Day 5 (Barbados)
All I can say is I want to go back. we were planning on going to Mullens Bay, but we were talked into going to Monkey Beach. Now, I've read everything online and in books about Barbados and nothing was mentioned about this beach. I walked down the path to the beach with the taxi driver to check it out and we were like "why the hell wasn't this mentioned, this is beautiful!" They had every water sport possible. Also, and this is important, the excursions that were 74 dollars which take you to swim with the turtles went to monkey beach. We rented snorkel gear for 10 dollars and swam out ourselves. It was great. I even petted one. We rented a jet ski and were allowed to go wherever as long as we were back in 30 minutes. The bar was reasonable and the restaurant was fun! If you don't mind some locals who might be smoking pot, this is the beach of the trip to go to. It was also only 15 dollars per person round trip.

General Tips-
Go to the champagne bar and meet Raphael and Calvin. They are the coolest crew members on the ship. While your there, get the champagne package. Instead of paying 8 dollars a drink, you can purchase 10 for 43 dollars. Also, you have to see the ice show as well as the game show love and marriage. Bingo was a rip off- 35 dollars to play. I was like forget it and told the guy that was ridiculous. Also, don't buy the fancy drinks around the pool. They are 8.95, but you get to keep the glass. Just go to the bar, get the same drink, and pay 4.50. Lastly, on the day at sea you have to secure your spot by the pool early. We put our stuff out before breakfast. By 10:30 there was not a seat to be found. I hope you enjoy the trip as much as I did. If you get champagne, tell the guys that Ellen and Ryan say hello!

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