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Patrick Wilson

Age: 36 to 45

Occupation:NOT FOUND

Number of Cruises: 2nd Cruise

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Enchantment of the Seas

Sailing Date:

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

Our travel agent put us on this ship in 1998 where we sailed the the Western Caribbean. In 1999, we took this same ship to the Eastern Caribbean. That should tell you something.

When I got off this ship in 1998, I said I regret that I was 45 when I took my first cruise.  When we first got on the ship, our youngest son (16) said he was "bored."  After a couple hours, we seldom saw either of our sons the rest of the cruise, except at dinner time (as you would expect).

The food was fabulous.  I really don't have a better word to describe it.  We encouraged the boys to order things different than we could get at home, ie. a fish dinner vs. steak.  If one of us got a meal that after a bite or two we didn't like, we didn't have to say anything, the waiter took it away and brought something else!

If you want to know what it's like being treated like Royalty - take a Royal Caribbean cruise!

The staff was at your beck and call.  We left the room, their staff cleaned the room, folded clothing, put things away.  If one wash cloth was on the floor, it was replaced with a clean one on the bar.  If the soap was used once, it was replaced with a new bar.

In 1998, we were to stop first in the Key West - there was a problem with a turbo charger in the engine room so we did not get to stop there. Royal gave us like 100.00 per person per room!!!  We were tickled pink!

If you didn't want to eat in the formal dinning room, you could eat in their other restaurant.  We did that one night - I ate TWO steaks they were so good!!!  When we came back to the formal dinning room the next night, our waiter, Peter, you could tell, was disappointed that we had missed the formal dinner the night before.

By the way, on our second cruise, we saw Tomas, our waiter on the first cruise - he remembered us.  We loved these guys - they were so good to us!  We would see them in port and they would call us by name.

What can I say,  I wish I were rich!  There was a lady on our cruise in 1999 that had been on the ship for like 8 cruises in a row!  That's money!

We saw some of the greatest shows I think we have ever seen.  A Beatles Look-a-like Band (sounded like them too) - in 1999 - the 5th Dimension was on board to entertain one evening.  Our son 18 year old son was called up on the stage with them - he'll never forget it!

Go Royal - that's about all I can say. We loved every single second!!!

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