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Royal Caribbean LineEnchantment the Seas Review7 Day Western CaribbeanTroy Myers

Age: 29

Occupation:Airline Pilot

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Enchantment of the Seas

Sailing Date: January 7th, 2006

Itinerary: NOT FOUND

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Enchantment of the Seas Cruise Review
7 Day Western Caribbean

Troy Myers

After reading the last post about Royal Caribbean I must say he stole much of my thunder. Most people write reviews because of a bad experience and I do not want to sound as if I was disappointed with what I got with RC. However yes the food could use some improvement. If you eat in the main dining room you will not be disappointed with the service at all. The waiters go above and beyond what they are suppose to do. Its a shame people bust out without tipping them after receiving A+ service for five days. Other than that the windjammer and other eating establishments have a very limited selection in what they have to offer.

One of my biggest complaints is the art studio who tries to pawn off art on the passengers. At the first auction the head auctioneer was upset that no one was buying his $10k artwork so he acted like a two year old and said they were not going to be giving out anymore champagne or free art if people were not going to start buying this art. Most of it is Thomas Kinkade reproductions. They had some nice artwork there, but when you asked them what their reserve was I felt like they were talking to you as if you could not afford it. So just a heads up for that you might want to enjoy an evening on the pool deck. The bingo games are surprisingly fun, but way overpriced. You'll pay $35 bucks a person for five games of bingo. They are seriously cleaning house with this. Get ready as well to be pictured to death and then pay $20 bucks a picture. They just nickle and dime you to death which is that way on most cruise ships.

Dunn river falls was an awesome experience. Just make sure you bring good rubber shoes along. I wore sandals that were really tight around my ankles because you will do some climbing. They'll try to get you to rent their $12 dollar shoes, but you do not need to. You must put anything that you do not want to get wet in the locker. We brought a waterproof camera and that worked out great. If your afraid of slipping on the rocks don't. I think they sand them down or something because I had really good traction. If you get off the normal climbing trail you might find some moss to slip on. After you have finished up the falls tour you'll have to walk by a few shops on your way out. Get ready to be bombarded with people wanting to give you stuff and then wanting a $40 dollar tip. Its the typical stuff you get in most countries however I found these vendors to be very demanding. They'll tell you come in my store friend and then start carving your name in a piece of wood and give it to you as a gift for your first time in Jamaica. Then they'll say I do not ask for anything but a tip and most people give me $50 dollars. I recommend just waiting til the bus takes you to the market downtown and you can price shop. One of the vendors called a buddy of mine I met on the cruise "Satan" for not looking around his store and buying anything. I met one vendor in that entire setup that did not get upset at us for not buying anything. So just a heads up on that. The shows are not very good. The first night I saw the dancers it was nice, but the second time I watched them it just got weird. I would recommend seeing the magician he is very good. Top notch! Its just sad when some of your main events are karaoke. I hope you'll have better luck with the singers because the night I watched it was horrible. You know when people are actually trying to sing and they can't. I don't mind it if they are being funny, but these folks really sucked and didn't know it.

Now that I talked bad about the ship I want to add some good things about it. The cruise director does try to get people out and do things. I recommend watching the game show "love and marriage". That was very entertaining. As much as I love my kids I was glad they were not there as you will not see many around. This was great because it gives the adults more time to be adults. You will meet great people on the ship as we met a jersey couple that we will never forget. Your friendship will last a lifetime. The cabins are of nice size. We stayed in room 3000 and were not disappointed.

As stated in previous reviews I'll stick with Royal Caribbean, but I will find a different ship next time around. Good luck to all and have fun on the vacation. ;-)


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