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Royal Caribbean InternationalEnchantment the Seas ReviewA. Gooderum

Age: 71


Number of Cruises: 13

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Enchantment of the Seas

Sailing Date: January 13th, 2007

Itinerary: NOT FOUND

Royal Caribbean International
Enchantment of the Seas Cruise Review

A. Gooderum

13th cruise. They say 13 is unlucky. This was only the second Royal Caribbean so I have had experience on many other ships. I arranged this cruise for 16 of us. It started out nice enough. Since we live in Florida we drove to the pier. We were early but pleasantly surprised that we could board. One couple was delayed about 20 minutes because they had an expired passport and a birth certificate. They were told they needed a drivers license for proof of a picture with a birth certificate. What if you didn't drive? Finally they accepted their expired passport for the picture, it was 5 years past.

First thing was our group was not seated together. 2 tables far from each other. After waiting in a long line, I was told they would change it at the first evening, which they did. That was very nice. The meals were good but not a great selection. Staff was professional, but we felt hurried since we were the first sitting. The first evening there was only one show. We could not get in. It was filled up with the second seating people and early departing guests.
First stop was Key West. Having been there many times, we just walked around and had drinks at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville bar. Fun, long walk and not nearly as pretty as other ones I have been to.

The cabins were fine. Inside, but ample. Our weather was pretty calm the whole cruise except one night- to be expected. We only made the late buffet 2 nights and didn't eat. The gala buffet was worth taking pictures. Maybe smaller than some. First cruise I actually lost weight on!! The ship is beautiful. The Windjammer was good and much variety. Bad note: Last day I was told the buffet closed at 3 pm. We had a late breakfast so we went in at 2:15. They ended up closing the best part at 2:30 and would not let me get the good desserts I had seen. There was some bland mousse left and when some of our group came to eat they had to go in the part they left which was mostly pasta and light fare.

I was told tea would be later with dessert. Ha! Same bland choices and more food, which I didn't want. One evening at 11:15 I needed to take a pill with food and there wasn't any available, even the ice cream station was closed. I had to take it with the chocolate from the pillow!

Some had trouble with their room card. The magnetic strip would get damaged. Cell phone? The problem was you had to go to guest services and there was usually a long line. Who wants to spend at least a half hour with a wet suit because you couldn't get in your room. I was told on the phone that the cabin stewards were not available at that hour. What??? 3 pm?? In fact, I never saw him after the first day.

I didn't like the fact that the Captain's party with champagne and appetizers was after our dinner. Too full at that point. Fine for the late seating which was 8:30. They need to have 2 parties.

I felt there were not as many activities offered as other ships. The photos were too expensive. First time I did not buy any. We had 3 couples that were celebrating 50th anniversaries this year. Guess that isn't important because I was told that all they do is give you cake in the dining room. Well, don't they anyway?

The worst part of the whole cruise was the disorganization with the excursions. We swam with the dolphins in Cozumel. This was the highlight of the trip. No pictures were taken by Royal C. We were to meet on the pier. There was about 500 people on the pier and we could not find where to meet. After asking several times we found one group that seemed to be where we were supposed to be. We waited quite a while when we got there but it was worth it. It cost $145. I would like to have had pictures. No representative from the ship. It was so busy after and we did not see our pictures so we wanted to shop in Cozumel and left. Otherwise, we would have to wait an hour for the next and last ride back and miss shopping. There were several other incidences of other tours in our group that could not find their meeting places. The piers are too crowded to meet there and they don't hold up their signs. 2 couples got a partial refund on the Tulum ruins because there was not a representative from the ship there and they were 1 and a half hours late in getting back. They missed dinner and almost the ship! One couple with us was on a tender that kept hitting the ship because of the waves. Scary.

The talk on ports was all about shopping. I would have liked more information and tips on the ports themselves. I didn't like the fact they were selling a shopping pass for $25. And to pay for Ben & Jerrys? Not on a cruise.
The lounges were good. Entertainment good. Bingo, we did not go. Not enough games for the money. Of course, no one in our group climbed the wall or bungee jumped.

All in all I had 20 things I listed that I felt were not up to par compared to other cruises I have been on. I will not book on Royal Caribbean again. It may be for some but not what I like.



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