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Chris Lilley

Age: 33


Number of Cruises: 5

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Freedom of the seas

Sailing Date: 2011-03-6

Itinerary: Western Carribbean

Great Ship and wonderful cruise read on for a couple help hints.

Good food in Main Dining room and great food in speciatly options

You will not have time to do them all.

My wife and I went on this cruise with another couple to celebrate our 1 year anniversaries. We choose to go with the promanade view staterooms. these rooms are just one step up from the basic interior room because they give you a window that overlooks the Royal promanade (the main artery of the ship) The rooms were nice with great beds. Bathrooms are small as they are on many other ships. It had been about 8 years since I was on a cruise and I was plesantly suprised. I remembered the showers and bathrooms being smaller. This may or may not have jsut been poor memory.

There are alot of reviews hear and I read them all prior to sailing so I am just going to point out some things that I think are important and some of them pertain only to the Labadee, Falmouth, Jamacia, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Mexico Cruise.

First I will say that the ships is wonderfull and it is going into Dry Dock for imporvements at the end of March 2001 to get even better.

Second Labadee is a great spot for a Beach Day. I cannot tell you how many people we talked to prior to the trip that were shocked that anyone would go to haiti. This is a private area the Royal Carribbean leases, it is safe, very pretty and makes for a great beach, water sports, and relaxation day. They have an amazing Zip line there as well try it if you are into that type of thing it is amazing.

The Freedom just started going to Falmouth, Jamacia two weeks prior to this trip. I beleive they are changing to falmouth due to the size of the Oasis and the Allure so they are building a new port. the locals told us they believed the port would be done by Sept or Oct 2011. Will it i don't know. But it needs work and organization, because getting off the ship and onto an early excursion was a nightmare. I have faith that they will get it figured out because everyone new it was an issue. Once out of the port we did the zipline tour by Chukka. Very fun but a bit scary in the bus getting to the top of the mountian.

The people in Falmouth were much more friendly than I had expected, I always thought they were pushy when it came to selluing there goods, not here, not this day, they were very kind and welcoming.

Grand Caymen was great. Beaches are beautiful. Nothing to say here except enjoy this wealthy beautiful safe island if you want to walk around or rent a scooter to explore on your own this is the best spot. small island, very safe.

Cozumel was the only bad part of this this trip. the seas were rough so all the boat, water based excuasion's were canceled. we decided to go shopping and walk back to the ship an hour walk or so. All they sell is junk or jewelry and they are a pan in the ass. due an excursion or stay on the ship. Cozumel is dirty. Example, we were walking back the main street and saw nothing but beer bottles and paint brushes in the bushes. The paint brush in the bush was enough to give us a memory but didn't make for a good impression cozumel. None of the other Islands were like this. I will say if you are in the mood for a vulgar drunk fest Senor Frog's seemed like the place to be and not the one at the dock but the one in the town. Caution no Kids it was shocking.

I will never go back to cozumel that is certain.

Back to the ship. The dining room food was good with great options for a food lover like me. On the other hand I thought the food in both specialty resturant's Choppe's and Portifino's was GREAT. Now if you want a specail dinner book Choppe's the final night on this itnerary we did and we got to see the Miami skyline while eating dinner out the windows, Awesome, Our reservation was at 7:30 pm the perfect time. If you are in the main dining room and are on the same side on the ship you will get the view there aas well. You could also eat in the windjammer so there are options to get this view. But we loved it.

Make sure not t miss the ice show. They will make you get tickets. just get there 10 mins or so before they start to distribute them and you will have no problems getting the show you want. They have four (enough for everyone. Tickets are free the theater is just small so not everyone can be in there at one time.

Helpful transportation hint: They can have you off the ship early and will likely have you off no later that say 9-10am. What this mean is get an early flight home. We choose to have a departing flight at 2:55pm that was a mistake we watched a 3 flights left to Philly prior to ours. We were off the ship at 7:45 at the airport by and to our gate area by 10:30 without rushing at all. They are efficient as hell at getting you off so they can get the next group on.

We were at the port on day one at 11am and they let us on, but not to our rooms at 11:45ish. Rooms are ready by 1:30pm. Reccomendation: You cannot count on getting your bags till 8pm though we got ours around 4-5pm. They say they garruntee it by 8pm. i would suggest one of two things. 1 take one small carry-on with what you will need for pool/dinner or dress as you would like for the activities you are expecting. the downside to taking the carryon is lugging it around with you prior to being let to your rooms. You decide we just dressed in shorts and Polo shirts and explored the ship with out having to deal with the bags. It was nice. If you plan on arriving after 1:30 the carryone would be fine as you could put it in the room.

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