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Anna Halpern

Age: 49

Occupation:Company Director

Number of Cruises: 16

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Independence Of The Seas

Sailing Date: 2010-04-23

Itinerary: Med

After many years cruising, we probably will never travel with Royal Caribbean again. They have become very greedy and standards have slipped.

The Food - Compared to previous cruises - it was sub standard. Plated meals in the Dining room were cold by the time they arrived. All meals were nothing special.

Stateroom was very nice as always.

Activities - Did not do anything onboard.

Stay away from excursions as they are over priced in our opinion.

After many years of cruising, with many different cruise lines, we chose to cruise again with RC as we are now Platinum members, and in busy terminals, the benefits on check- in are worth this status alone! We took my elderly parents on the Independence of the Seas but unfortunately our experience this time was well below standard. As other reviewers have mentioned, the service onboard has dropped considerably since cruisng became 'available' to the masses. That sounds terribly snobby, and I don't mean it to - but when we first started cruising we felt like film stars. Everything was just so wonderful onboard - and the price of the cruise reflected this - but we did not mind saving hard every year to pay double the cost of a 'normal' holiday because it was just so wonderfully different and you felt as if you really were being spoiled. Not any more. The food was ordinary. The staff were rude. Some of the passengers were also horrible - drunk and wandering around in vests all day. The whole experience was under par, and we probably will not travel with RC again. It also did not help that my 80 year old, otherwise healthy and sprightly father, tripped over a badly placed stage prop on the main promenade, during the first parade. Through no fault of his own he tripped over a steel pole that was jutting out, and fell full length on the marble floor. He knocked himself out, and hurt his hip quite badly, and had to spend the whole holiday in a wheelchair. RC at first refused to accept any responsibility and even charged us for the wheelchair and the visit to the hospital! Unbelievably, when a nurse first arrived on the scene, before she did anything she presented her Visa machine to take payment before she could take him to the Hospital deck, so the doctor could see my father. All the while he was lying prostate on the floor, bleeding from the head in front of a load of gawping passengers. I thought this was absolutley terrible and I was very vociferous about it to the management. After a huge disagreement with management, we ended up being satisfied with the treatment he got onboard, and most of the fees were waived, but that accident changed his life as he still has problems with his hip, (turned out he had cracked his symphis pubis) and I will never forget how shoddily he was treated and how MONEY was all the company cared about.

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