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Susan B

Age: 44

Occupation:Event Manager

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Jewel of the Seas

Sailing Date: 03-14-2009

Itinerary: Caribbean

This was my family's first cruise and we looked forward to it for over a year. We had the BEST time and can not wait to be able to cruise again! We were not even home for 24 hours before I started looking for our next cruise!! I would never sail out of Boston again as we hit a storm and the whole family got very seasick, but can't wait to go again - just not out of Boston. The staff, especially our cabin steward were wonderful and very helpful. There were 9 of us in our party ranging from my parents (in their 60's) my husband and myself (40's) our two kids 17 and 14, my brother and his wife (30's) and their daughter who's 2. There was something for everyone to do on this cruise. 10 day repositioning cruise. We went to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Aruba and Miami. While in St. Thomas my husband and I re-newed our wedding vows at the Beach, Meagans Bay. Best vacation of my life!!

Since we were traveling with a child in our group, we ate mostly at the Windjammer Cafe. The staff had fallen in love with my niece and everyday the wiaters would bring her fresh strawberries! We also did eat in the formal dinning room a few different nights. Our waiter was very nice and funny. His assitant was just as charming. The last night they served Lobster Tails. As soon as my husband had finished one, another was there to take it's place. MJ (our waiter) msut have delivered at least 5 lobster tails to my husband alone. My father, I think he must have had three himself. Same thing, as soon as one was finished another was there!! Also, the last night, we were surprised by a special dessert presentation to my parents that had arranged by their travel agent. They were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary ~ so about 10 waiters came to the table and sang "Happy Anniversary" to my parents. It was a wonderful surprise.

I had seen the picutres on the web of what our inside cabin would look like, so I wasn't surprised by it's size. I think I was actully surprised it was bigger than I thought it would be. I enjoyed having a safe in the room. Ice was delivered to our room every night with the turndown service. My husband slept alot on this vacation so did not get to enjoy all of the wonderful towel animals that are left for you with your mints and next day information, which I loved to get the night before. This made things easier to plan for the family and meeting time, ect. Our stateroom was clean and everything worked. I also liked being able to track our progess on the cruise and see how fast we were traveling and where were on the map - cabin steward was great, again the whole family got very seasick and my niece being 2, lets just say he earned his tip on that trip.

Lots to do! We were on board for Halloween and what a "treat" (ha, ha) that was!! The crew dressed up and there was a costume contest (we knew about this ahead of time and all brought costumes). We went to dinner in the formal dinning room that night and had so much fun. Bingo was expensive , but my sister in law loved it. We went to the casino and played for two nights (slots) with only $3.50. Only the quarters I had in my purse. Went to the shows every night. There was a Tango Show one night. WOW! Loved all the shows. We went to the movies and saw Fools Gold. Now everytime we see that movie all we talk about is the "awesome cruise" we went on and "Mum, when can we go agian!!"

Planned a snorkeling excursion in Aruba that cancelled the night before we were due to go on it and tried to get another one, but they were all full. Very disappointing. Went on a Catamaran ride in Aruba, and went to a beach, where we were able to use some snorkeling equipment and do just a little (nothing to see at the beah) at the beach. The shopping was GREAT! Didn't feel pressured on shore at all by any of the sales people.

Loved this vacation so much. Loved Royal Caribbean, just a little afraid to try a differrent cruise line. Don't want to be disappointed because this first trip was outstanding!! Even with the seasickness - no pictures at all of the 2nd day, we were all so sick. Most of the crew too!! Wouldn't let us outside on the deck, which was fine with me since I didn't want to leave my room and my bed. Once my husband made me go up on deck and get some air I felt a little better. I still must have looked pretty awful, many people came up to me and told me that it would get better. Saw most of them later on the cruise and told them they were right. Food was wonderful, staff was wonderful, weather was outstanding (yes, even with the storm), ship, activites, everything.... WONDERFUL!!

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