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Judy Bridgeman

Age: 51


Number of Cruises: 7

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Legend of the Seas

Sailing Date: September 26th, 2004

Itinerary: Mexico

We were not happy about our week on the cruise - I will only list the things that our intire family did not like.

I tried to contact R.C but with no luck -

· On the 2nd. Floor, the hallways to the rooms smelled like dirty diapers / bathroom every day.

· On the 5th & 6th floor, the hallways smelled of smoke. This was in the carpets, walls and furniture.

· Very little pool service. Had to ask for someone to come by and when they did it was like we bothered them.

· They told us we couldn’t drink while in the hot tub, but there were only no smoking signs posted, but not any (no drinking) signs. We have been on other cruise lines that allowed this function why not you!

· Buffet being closed down so the only place to get something to eat was the place by the pool. One can only eat only so many hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, salsa and pizzas.

· Dinner was below average / many items were cold / the crème brulee was never cooked right / Service was great.
Our waiters were excellent – Marian, Arvel & Z, they made the trip bearable.

· In the theater, tried to get soda or juice served in a regular glass. The “stemmed” glasses kept getting knocked over and spilled on us. We were wet and the seats were wet. This happen every night. When we ask for a different type of glass they refused to serve us. We came in and there were towels and napkins on seats trying to soak them up.

· We ordered room service (turkey sandwich- buffet was closed again) and received ketchup to put on it and nothing else. Was too hungry to wait for mayo.

· Many of the public bathrooms were very dirty and smelled so bad that they couldn’t be used. I brought this up to different employees and no one paid attention or seemed to do anything about it.

· No bathrooms outside the dining room or the theater. I was on this trip with my Mother (she’s 88) who was using a scooter to get around. After dinner or the show we had to take the elevator down for her to use the restroom and that was very inconvenient.

· Breakfast and lunch had no variation. Same thing on the menu every day. Buffet had some variation (scrambled eggs with peppers, scrambled eggs with cheese, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, ect. I guess that’s a variation) but we didn’t want to be herded in and hunt for a table. We like sitting down all together and enjoying our meal.

· Had a terrible time getting cranberry juice. Every morning (in both the dining or the buffet) requested it and was told they were out, or that they did not carry on ship. Had to hunt down the supervisor on deck and they went and found it. One time I was asked if I would
rather have PRUNE juice instead –yuck!

· Nobody to help us when we were boarding. Had a lot of difficulties locating our rooms

· Requested to sit with my family. This was taken care of before we left only to find out when we did check in that we were not sitting together. They did offer us tables next to each other

· The scrambled eggs were always runny every day. It was gross! Waffle and French toast were rock hard and ice cold. The regular toast was like a brick of ice (cold and hard), again. Very disappointed.

· The ice cream machine was used I think all of twice and it had allot of ice in it. It was like snow cones. I love ice cream but it was hardly offered. The machine should be available the whole time the buffet is open.

· We tipped our room attendant and our roommates tipped her separately, when we gave her our half she looked at my fiancé and said is that it…

· After that she seemed very cold shouldered and asked us to be out of room before 8 a.m. so we had to drag our carry on items around till breakfast…………

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