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Jim White

Age: 56


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Majesty of the Seas

Sailing Date: August 11th, 2006

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

Royal Caribbean International
Majesty of the Seas Cruise Review
Eastern Caribbean

Jim White

Found myself this year with a week of vacation with nothing to do. So, I decided to take a quick cruise. Took my 1st cruise last October with Disney and have already booked for another cruise for 2007, same ship, same cabin. Thought for this one I'd try a different cruise line.

Before even sailing with Royal Caribbean I had already booked my 4th cruise, again on Majesty of the Seas, but, this time getting a cabin with a balcony and for a 4 night cruise. The 4 night cruise is about the same itinerary except the last stop is at Key West. I've never been there, and even though it's in the U.S., there's a couple of places there I'd like to see.

Flying to Ft. Lauderdale I had to wait at baggage claim to get my luggage before finding anyone from Royal Caribbean to go to the ship.

With Disney I never saw my luggage once checking in until I got to my cabin. That was really nice. But, the lady greeting me was right there at baggage claim (Ft. Lauderdale airport is fairly small). She helped me to the bus to go to Port Miami so it wasn't all that bad.

I booked a cabin on deck 8 that I later found out had an obstructed view. It would have been looking out at a small runabout with the lifeboats. Then, you'd have to stand on the bed to look out the window! I figured it wasn't worth it for just a 3 night cruise. I was offered a chance to move up to deck 9, but, that still was just a cabin with a window. Only there you could walk up to the window and look out over the lifeboats! Since the windows don't open and it was just for 3 nights I passed on that choice. I switched down to deck 5 to an inboard cabin. It was small but I got by. There was enough closet space but no drawer space to speak of. Just those at the desk/vanity. And they were more desk drawer and not clothes.

Printing off the Sea Pass from the computer helped in checking in to board. Practically no time in line and I was going aboard before I knew it. Once aboard I went to my cabin and put away my some things and went out exploring the ship.

The first thing I did was go up to the Windjammer Cafe for lunch. The place was quite spacious with a wonderful view. And the food was quite good and plentiful. A very nice restaurant.

Majesty of the Seas is about 80' shorter than Disney Wonder, the ship I was on last October. Both are the same width, 106', but, on MS, the superstructure, deck 7 and above, is set back from the side of the ship. This makes that part of the ship seem smaller at times. DW's superstructure goes straight up from the side with just the promenade deck recessed. The only real problem or inconvenience on MS is deck 7. That's mainly the promenade deck, but, there's cabins on deck 7 as well. The cabin windows look out onto the promenade deck! Now, that may not sound so bad, but, where you can look out to see people walk by, they, on the deck, can look into your cabin! So, if you an outboard cabin on deck 7, keep those curtains closed!

All the main meals each night were delicious. The selections were generous and there was always some kind of steak on the menu for anyone that may not care for anything fancy.

Our first day was spent at Coco Cay, RC's "private" beach. I say private like that because just about everything I've read most cruise lines lease their beach areas. Disney actually owns their island. All the cruise lines have to tender you ashore while Disney can dock right there. Although we had 3 tenders running back and forth from the beach to the ship with little waiting time, with Disney you can go back to the ship as often as you need with no waiting time.
Coca Cay is a lot smaller than Castaway Cay. But, it was quite nice with everything close by (except maybe the restrooms) so you didn't have far to go to eat, get your snorkeling equipment or the shopping area. It really was nice and I quite enjoyed myself while there.

BBQ must be the stable meal of choice for these cruise lines on their beaches. Last year at Castaway Cay they served BBQ as well. There's other food as well for each island, but, BBQ is the main choice. For Coco Cay, the ribs were very good. Very good. But, I didn't care for their BBQ chicken. Just wasn't up to par. Everything else I had was good though.

I do suggest going snorkeling while there. The water is nice and there's plenty to see with the two sunken plane wrecks and the mockup pirate ship and cannon. And the fish! You may want to get an underwater camera just for them alone.

Our next day was Nassau.
Now, I was just in Nassau ten months prior. So, it hadn't changed all that much. And, with my next 2 cruises booked with Nassau one of the stops, I'm sure I'll be tired of Nassau later on.But, this was Sunday. And Nassau on Sunday is mainly a Sunday! Our ship's shopping tour guide, Anna H., tried to make it seem the shops would be open and ready to greet us as we came ashore. Not true. Now, not all shops open on Sunday. But, those that did not all open at 9:00AM. In fact, some of the ones I wanted to go to weren't open until after 10:30AM! I had to keep going back a few times to different ones waiting for them to open. The downtown Gucci store wasn't open, but, the sign in the window said their Paradise Island store would be. Just for an example.Still, I did get the few things I was looking for plus some extra. So, I didn't do too badly. Next trip I'd like to go out from Bay Street and see where the locals shop.
The weather the whole trip couldn't have been better. The sea was calm and skies were clear. And the sun was hot! Mid-August you'd expect that. It was a gorgeous trip and I'm glad I went.

There's a big difference between the MS and DW. The MS is more of a cruise ship. The decor is Las Vegas style or more bright and shiny. While DW is more of the old ocean liners. It's more laid back and comfortable. There's plenty of lounges and bars on MS, what with the casino and all. But, no place to just sit outside of a lounge. DW had nice big chairs scattered about where you could do this. But, two different cruise lines, two different ships. And I enjoyed both cruises and look forward to my two cruises on each. Come January I understand MS is going in for refurbishing. So, by the time I sail again in 2008 it'll be like a new ship. For a quick cruise with a beach stop off, this was fun. But, Nassau on Sunday isn't the best. That's why next time I'm getting the 4 night cruise. Hope this review was somewhat helpful for anyone trying to decide upon what kind of cruise and cruise line to go on.

Bon Voyage!

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