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Age: 22


Number of Cruises: 8

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Majesty of the Seas

Sailing Date: March 9th, 2007

Itinerary: Bahamas

Royal Caribbean International
Majesty of the Seas Cruise Review


Please note, this cruise is after this ship's great renovation a month ago. so I got to be on one of the first few voyages this boat took after its renovations.

Getting on the cruise was easy. Maybe that's because we got there early and had early check in. the lines were loose and we were almost immediately checked in upon arrival at the port. That meant as soon as our room was ready, our luggage was there.

The food is definitely the highest point of the cruise. The buffets at the Windjammer are great but the menu-style dinners are the starlight and moonlight rooms are incredibly good. the portions are not big at all but you're allowed to ask for as many as you like. if I had not been so full from an afternoon's barbecue buffet, I would've ordered the baked escargot and scallop risotto a couple more times. I'm talking about all you eat lobster bisque, lamb shank, angus steak, tiramisu, Baked Alaska, etc.etc.etc.

The wine list is lacking but suitable for a value cruise. The room service is also lacking in items but still very satisfying for that late night snack after a night of dancing.

There's no shortage of fitness and spa amenities. They have a 24 hr pool, basketball court, and ping pong tables, the spa and rock climbing wall are open most hours during the day.

The staff is amazingly friendly. They make frontline service workers on land look bad. seriously, not even the best service representative I've met in Asia (where they're famed for service) can compare to the amazing service by the staff. One BIG note however, the highly trained staff is not only highly trained in customer service but also corporate liability. When I missed my paid, non-refundable on shore excursion that would've let me snorkeled with stingrays because i could not find the group gathering point off the boat, the first reaction I got from the employee I talked to was that she had been standing there since 8 am and that I was late. I told her I guess I walked past her checkpoint and asked if there's any way I can catch up. She checked her walkie talkie for the next 15 minutes and didn't really talk to us about anything. it was the coldest customer service on the trip. When i went back inside tot he guest relations table to see if I can get an exchange, catch up, or refund, the employee inside gave me the same lecture about the meeting point and times being stated when i bought the ticket. this lecture was the WORST display of customer service I've ever seen. When someone misses something they really wanted and paid a lot for, they don't want to hear you lecture them on why they missed it. I know they say it to protect against liability but really...eventually, we got it worked out and we got an exchange to go snrokeling at the coral reef instead. The end result was very good, but not creative at all, meaning they could have tried to arrange a future voucher or suggest trusted, individual on shore vendors. and the process to that result was horrible. But we can't let that isolated situation bog down the whole service experience too much. So I gave it a 4.

The rest of the trip was great. The jet ski and parasailing at Coco Cay might be a little overpriced but were very fun and the guides for both are incredibly friendly and cheerful. there's nothing like a bright and humorous guide to make your vacation better.

The alcohol is priced mid range. And there weren't that many open bar or promotional events.

The shows are great. Very funny. and more, for the lazy vacationers who like to stay in the room, they can view the shows on TV, both recorded and live.

There is a lack of TV channels though. you get 3-4 news channels (Fox, BBC, and one more?), 1 cartoon channel, maybe 2 soap/oldies channels, and then 5 channels playing the same movie in 5 different languages. pay per view would've been great. but the flat screens are all user friendly meaning you can plug your laptop in as a second monitor or bring a Play Station to plug in.

Rooms were small but very comfortable and the bed is insanely cozy. The bathroom is small but if you're not 500 lbs, you should manage.

Formal nights are great for pictures and the formal dance. I never went to prom so this was great. And somehow, our table's other guests never showed up, so we always had a large table to ourselves by the window, with a great view.

Overall, this cruise experience was excellent. I would definitely go back. it's definitely not for the super rich, upper-aged class. I'd say this is better suited for anyone below that class that doesn't expect "way too much." sorry, no Foie Gras and Chateau Lafite on this cruise.

Remember, the dinners are so good, don't miss out. Which means, don't get so drunk or full during the day that you can't have dinner! You'll be missing the best food and best service of the cruise!

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