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Age: 50


Number of Cruises: 0

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Majesty of the Seas

Sailing Date: 2010-07-16

Itinerary: Island hop

This was suppose to be our first cruise and our "Dream vacation", however thanks to the staff at "Royal pain in the rear", it turned into a nightmare. We booked the trip back in Mar (2010) and the trip was a "Closed-loop" cruise, meaning that we departed and returned to the same US port, and you did not spend any nights off the ship. That being said, there is no federal law which requires passengers on such a trip, to have a passport, and you must only produce some type of "Goverment issued ID". That being said, when we received our "Travel packet" the wording in regard to the ID requirements was rather ambiguous, so we did just what we found out a lot of other people did, we called "Royal" to check on this matter. We were told that "For minor children you must have ID in the form of a birth certificate, for adults a Goverment issued photo ID, such as a driver's license would be fine".
In arriving at the cruise terminal and clearing the so called security check, we were directed to the "Check-in line". When it was our turn at one of the window to check in, I informed the woman there that we had completed the "On line early check in" where we provided the information as to what form of ID we would be using, and it was accepted by "Royal". However she still requested our ID, at which time I produced my driver's license. She in turn demanded by birth certificate, which I did not have and explained to her what I was informed of, she then told me that I had to speak to the manager in another area of the terminal, as did about thirty other people. We were all informed that if we could not produce our birth certificates we could not board the ship. Having worked for municipal goverment for twenty five years, I informed the manager that I was aware that this request was simply a policy on the part of "Royal" which she confirmed. Further, I informed her that as such, they could "Waive" this policy if they wanted to and again she agreed with me, but stated that they were not going to.
After dealing with this mess for three hours I was informed (a half hour before the ship was leaving port) that I was not going to be permitted to board the ship. I then informed the manager, since on the first leg of the trip, the ship was only traveling from Miami, FL to Key, FL, we were not even going to another state not alone another country, if she would permit ,me to board the ship, that I could have the document they were requesting to the company the first thing the next morning, as it was the Monday after July 4th and a business holiday. To that I was informed that they had done that before and "Gotten burned on it" so they would not permit me to do so. Long story short, this company refused to look at the "Big picture" and look at each issue as a seperate one. Their unwillingness to apply some common sense did nothing but trun a family's "Dream vacation" into a "Nightmare". To top it all off, they informed us that they would not refund any of our money (which by the way we are still fighting for). I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone, and would NEVER even think of giving them a second chance.

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