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Age: 20

Occupation:Claims Assistant

Number of Cruises: 8

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Majesty of the Seas

Sailing Date: August 10th, 2001

Itinerary: 3 and 4 Night Bahamas

I apologize again for the delay in writing the review. But I wanted to include all the details and parts of the cruise. This was our 7th cruise (parents 8), and 6th on the Majesty of the Seas. My Mom, Dad, Dad's aunt, 15 year old sister, me (20), and my 20 year old best friend went on this back to back cruise. We started our vacation with a "day prior" in Miami. And once again, as we do before each cruise, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Miami. This was, however, the very first time we decided to book the Air, as well as the Day Prior, ourselves. We were a little apprehensive about it, but we will do it again in the future. We had no problems. Now, for the cruise...

Although we did not book our Air and hotel through Royal Caribbean, we were allowed to ride the bus over to the Pier from the hotel. They took our luggage, put it on the bus, and we were off to the pier after the quick, traditional talk from the RCI representative. We arrived at the Port of Miami at around 10:25. We grabbed our carry-ons, and were on our way into the terminal to board the ship. There was hardly anyone there yet, so check-in was fast and easy, found out our table arrangements of a table of 6, table #54 in the Maytime Dining Room, and late seating, which was for us, the very first time trying this. We asked our TA to give us late for only the first cruise, the 3 day, in case we didn't like it, but ended up staying for the second cruise also.


Anyway, we were up the escalators, through the "Welcome Aboard" photo, and onto the ship, felt like we were home again. We know many many Majesty staff, so we set off to find them. Turns out that all but 2 friends were on the ship. We went up the WIndjammer Cafe on Deck 11, because our rooms were not yet prepared, and relaxed in our favorite place, the Outdoor Section, until Lunch was served. Promptly at 12 p.m., the "Welcome Aboard," or "Embarkation" lunch was served. We have noticed a little decline in the WIndjammer food. There is not much selection anymore, just lots of salads, etc. But we didn't mind too much. We ate, talked with friends, then relaxed by the pool until the Muster Drill. This was held at 4:30 p.m. and a MUST DO for all you cruisers who think you'll get away with not going. It amazes me at how many passengers decide to wait until almost 5:00 to "Make their Grand Entrance" while all of us are waiting for them, pouring sweat.

After that was the Bon Voyage Party, Poolside, with a GREAT Calypso band, Caribbean Four. My parents were THRILLED to find out it was them, since they had them on the Grandeur back in 1997. We have their CD and listen all the time. We danced, drank our Pina Colada's and Daiquiri's, and were glad that we were back on our favorite ship. After the Cruise Staff was finished partying, we had some time, so we unpacked a little and met our cabin steward Junior. We were on the 6th Deck, cabin #6592, starboard side. It was an oceanview stateroom, and all four of us were in it. My friend and my Dad's aunt booked the Main Deck. We then explored the decks that we have walked so many times, videotaped, dressed, and were in the Centrum on deck 4 waiting for 8:30 to roll around. The doors opened, we proceeded downstairs to the Maytime Dining Room, and what a coincidence, we found our favorite waiter, Antonio Palha from India, was our waiter again! Our table was 54, near the galley, straight back. Only one table over from last year. He was shocked to see us as we were to see him, and it was a nice surprise. We also found more old friends, and met our assistant-- Richard Ohla from Hungary, and he was excellent. Fun guy. The first night was Casual, with the Venetian Dinner theme (Italian). The Spaghetti Pomodora is excellent. Then, O Sole Mio, clapping, singing, dancing, the waving of the napkins, and dessert to finish off our evening.

Tonight's Entertainment:

~Welcome Aboard Show, "The Beat Goes On" with the CD, Richard Spacey and the RCCL Singers and Dancers in the Chorus Line Lounge, Deck 5.

Main Seating Showtime: 9:00
Second Seating: 10:45

~Piano Melodies with Al Escobar in the Schooner Bar, Deck 5~Karaoke, Paint Your Wagon
Lounge, 10:30 ~70's Disco Inferno with "The Village People." 11:00 p.m., On Your Toes Disco, Deck 9
~Poolside Calypso with Caribbean Four, 11:00-Midnight.
DAY 2, Nassau, Bahamas

We arrived around 8:00 a.m. in Nassau. Since we have been here many times, we slept late, ate breakfast in the Windjammer, and got off to the island around noon. We just shopped a little, and came back to the ship. Went to the pool and basically had our own AT SEA day, b/c everyone was off on the island! The weather was a HOT and SUNNY 92 degrees. On the 3 day cruise, the Majesty is docked alongside the Enchantment of the Seas in Nassau on Saturday's. We were walking near the Enchantment, and ran into a friend, Gedieon James, the keyboard player for Mega 4. Talked for a while, etc. then saw a few more friends from our August 2000 cruise on the Enchantment. It was a nice reunion. Then we were back to the ship. Tonight is the Formal dinner, Captain's Gala Theme. Filet Mignon Madagascar is served, but no singing and dancing waiters. The ship leaves Nassau tonight promptly at midnight to set sail for CocoCay. Tonight's Activities included:

~Main Show: Comedian Kelly McDonald and "The Not So Newlywed Game"
~Al Escobar
~Name that Tune
~Fiesta Latina Dance Music
~Dancing Under the Stars and the Food Market Buffet, Poolside.~Poolside Music with Caribbean Four

DAY 3, CocoCay, Bahamas

Partly cloudy weather and 90 degrees today. The Majesty arrives in CocoCay around 8:30 a.m., and the first tender leaves a little after that. If you are going to the island, I recommend that you get up and get on one of the first tenders over. Otherwise, you'll wait a long time. The beach was pretty nice, but we found it extremely rocky with lots of seaweed this time. We only stayed for a few hours, ate the barbecue lunch on the island, and headed back on the tender. It was SO HOT this day that people were complaining. We did rent the mats on the island, $10 with your SuperCharge card, and we enjoyed that. We wanted to do the banana boat ride, but were afraid to because of all the recent shark attacks. :) The last tender back to the ship is at 4:45 p.m.

Tonight's dinner is Casual. International, Farewell, or Feast of Nations, is the dinner theme. This is the last night of the cruise for all the other passengers. The waiters sang "Hands Across the Sea," or as I know it, "Hey, Look Us Over." Today was the Men's International Belly Flop Competition, with Joe from Illinois taking the medal. Also the Fruit Carving Demonstration.

Tonight's Activities: ~Farewell Spectacular starring "Doubble Troubble", and If I Were Not Upon The Sea.
~Final Snowball Jackpot Bingo
~The Majesty Quest, adult gameshow
~Poolside Music
Tonight, your SuperCharge account statement will be delivered to your cabin when you arrive in Miami. Also, make sure you place all your luggage outside your cabin before midnight.


We were supposed to change cabins for this cruise, but one of our friends fixed it so we didn't have to. We did, though, have to get off the ship for a few minutes. Michelle McGregor took us off and we came right back on after seeing Customs. We then had another whole day on the ship. We got our new cards, but found out that we were moved up to the Mikado Dining Room. We were not happy about this, and we were switched back by the Maitre'D after a nightmare of a first night in the Mikado. We had Czengis (pronounced Jen-Gis) from Turkey as our waiter and Mauricio as our assistant. Cengis was very pushy and kept bringing plates of food that we didn't order to our table and FEEDING the girls at our table. He was very bold, too, and argued with me after I asked why the Jamaican Jerk Chicken was not the same. He told me I didn't know what I was talking about. Our assistant, Mauricio, I have to say, was awful. We didn't get our drinks until we were halfway into our meals, and when we asked SEVERAL times for a refill, we only got it once. And he would not refill your glass, he'd bring you a new one, and leave all the old ones on the table. He could barely speak, and could not even do little things like bring the bread, etc. We felt totally uncomfortable here, and wanted to go back downstairs. It just kept getting worse--we are NOT demanding people at ALL!!! We are very easy to please. But this was awful. And let me say, too, that we have never EVER encountered people like this on any Royal Caribbean cruise. When my dad called the head waiter over, Juan, he wanted to DIE when he saw all the empty glasses, etc. He went right over and told him, and it was taken care of. He followed my parents out of the DR, and talked with them for almost a half hour. They said they'd gotten many complaints about those two and it was going to be dealt with NOW. We were not going to go back there after that night, in fact, we didn't even stay for dessert. But they placed us back at our old table downstairs. This cruise we had a very close friend, Ozkan from Turkey, as our waiter, and Lloyd from India as our assistant. Jacob from Israel was our head waiter. What a nice man. They were all great as always, and we were back to our most enjoyable part of the cruise: dinner.

Since the rest of the week is a repeat of the 3 day, with the exception of Key West, I won't go on to explain all the details. Key West was awesome. We'd never been there before, and we shopped and shopped!! I have lots of crew friends, so we went to Sloppy Joe's, a restaurant/bar type place that's lots of fun. We didn't take any tours, just sightseed on our own. We had a great time there, but it's too bad the ship doesn't dock there longer. It was a great cruise, and it was our best yet. Everytime we board that ship, it gets better and better. If you want a fun and relaxing time with GREAT service, book your cruise on the Majesty of the Seas. If anyone has any questions, feel free to e-mail me or post, and I'll be more than happy to answer. Before I end this, I want to summarize some of the key points.


Since they made our cruise what it was, I want to name each one of them so that they are recognized. Ozkan, Bilal, Mehmet, Antonio, Altan, Sayhit, Michael, Mustafa, Murat, Richard, Lloyd, Jacob and Francesco in the Maytime Dining Room are all outstanding and are a lot of fun. They each made our cruise memorable. If any of you run into them, be sure to say hello. They go out of their way to make you enjoy. If you don't like something you ordered, just ask them, they'll be glad to get you something else. There was always a good selection on the menu, and I even asked for some things that WEREN'T on the menu and got them, i.e. french fries, Caesar salad, etc. There is NO Lobster on the 3, 4 day cruises, in case you are wondering. Everything we had was always good, but I would recommend going to the Dining Room for lunch, instead of the WIndjammer. There were 2 Midnight Buffet's offered during the cruises, one being the Gala held in the 2 Dining Rooms, and the other being the Food Market buffet in the WIndjammer. All other nights there are waiters with little fingers foods in most lounges and public places. Also there is 24 hour room service, and it was always fast. They do not, however, still offer the full dining room menu on the room service menu anymore.

I would also like to mention Ray and Ito (Sukito) on the Main Deck, Junior on Deck 6, and Fernando on deck 7. These guys work hard and are great people. Also Ozcan at the Purser's desk, and Caribbean Four--great guys. Make sure to listen to them.

DEBARKATION Smoothest and earliest yet. We cleared in Miami at 7:30 am! Our color was called first, and we didn't even have time to eat breakfast! We were out of there fast. Finding luggage was a bit trickier, we didn't find one piece for almost an hour. Make sure you mark your luggage with brightly colored ribbons.

Happy Sailing to everyone...

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