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Age: 26

Occupation:Business Analyst

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Majesty of the Seas

Sailing Date: December 5th, 2005

Itinerary: Bahamas

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Majesty of the Seas


Overall we had a pleasant experience and would definitely recommend this cruise for anyone looking to get away on a short vacation.

PROS— We both thought the food was very good! We ate dinner in the dining room every night and always found something we both liked that was very good. If you don’t like what they are having at dinner, you can always eat in the more casual Windjammer café, get pizza in the sports bar, or order room service (nachos, hamburger, etc.). Make sure to go to the captain’s welcome because they give you unlimited free drinks during that hour (our choices were champagne or bahama mamas). They also have appetizers they serve you. We were in the later dinner sitting, so we frequently went to the Champagne Bar beforehand. If you like martini’s they had them on special starting at 5:00…so they were like $5.50 instead of $8.50. They also had appetizers there to snack on. I had read reviews before going that said they swarm over you trying to get you to buy wine packages for dinner when you board. We are not big wine drinkers and just walked past them and were never asked. We did order glasses of wine at dinner and found that to be very easy and the best approach. Also, we did not buy the soda pass cause didn’t think we would get our moneys worth. You can get unlimited tap water, iced tea, and lemonade…so that seemed like plenty to us. The pass is $24 and you can get unlimited juice and soda. You can get juice at breakfast for free though. We booked out excursions first thing when we got on the ship. We did the Atlantis Beach excursion in Nassau and were a little hesitant about paying so much, but found it to be very worth it. Atlantis was awesome and I would definitely recommend people to go there. We were able to use the beach there, which was also very nice and got lunch included. You can not use the pools and waterslides though, but it seemed that you could possibly go into a pool or lagoon and no one may notice. We did the kayak eco-adventure in the keys and also had a blast doing this. I am NOT a water person at all, so was very hesitant about this adventure, but would do it again in a minute.You only kayak in about 1-3 feet of water, so it is not scary. You see sting rays, sharks, some fish and some other things which are pretty cool. We actually accidentally rowed over a shark and it hit the bottom of our boat which made me scared for a second, but they are not harmful. There is a 30 minute boat ride to the island you kayak around and they give you free rum drinks on the way back.

CONS—The waters were too rough, so we were unable to stop at Coco Cay. Instead, we just had a day at sea and had to stay on the ship. It was very overcast out, so the day was kind of a bummer. Also, the time at Key West is fairly short. Every single person on the ship has to clear customs before they will let you off. Therefore, this most likely will not happen until after 10am and we had to be back at 5:30. Also, we did not consider this a con, but others may- At dinner we were seated at a table where everyone spoke Spanish. There was another English-speaking couple there the first night that was around our age, but they never came back to dinner. We had a great time though as the Mexicans would try to speak English to us and we’d use lots of hand signals. Also, if you like bottled water, I would bring a few bottles along with you. It costs like $2 on the ship and can add up if you drink a lot. Also, just note that every time you order a drink, they automatically add 15% tip and tax on your account. So, they say a beer is $3.50, but ends up being like $4.30 or something. I didn’t mind though since I usually tip a dollar when they bring me a drink and this usually ended up being a little less than a dollar. I just thought the Windjammer Café food was so-so, but my boyfriend thought it was good. It is buffet style and just seemed to me to be what you would expect of a buffet, but nothing special.

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