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Age: 42


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Mariner of the Seas

Sailing Date: 01-26-2009

Itinerary: San Pedro to Baja

Had high hopes for a B-day cruise to Baja. Wanted to get away for a long weekend, and was it LONG. After a hassle in boarding, the cattle call (mostly drunk already) was herded outside for the safety review. What was nearly a lifetime of waiting hip to hip, tail to pelvis cramming waiting for somebody to get a clue as to what they were doing, (half hour at least) the sparce program began. The launch was eventless, found some food and a drink to settle the anger, when realized that a parcel of luggage never made it to cabin. Went to purser to inform, they said get in back of line (of complaints obviously, nearly a dozen waiting to file) and they took report. After daily followup inquiries as to status, they said to talk to ground service. Ground service says talk to Royal Carribbean. Back and forth for months, no accountability. No resolution to date. Rude, piss poor service, and very disappointing. For the cruise, not uneventful, there was plenty of intoxication, everywhere. Perhaps this is the quality of cruise to Baja, but would expect some semblence of demeanor from staff at least. NOPE. The formal was nice, everybody quality oriented, service excellent, food pleasant. Server well compensated. Each server is from a far off destination, and well trained. Best part of ordeal. Half way thru cruise, foul aromas filled most of the fore of the ship, methane, numerous passengers complained of backed up septic, luckily not ours, but still foul and unacceptable considering you are prisoner to your shoebox cabin or a lounge where the language and booze free flows. Long and short, find another liner as these folks are unconcerned with quality, only getting you on board to fleece you. Never again.

Formal dinner very nice, excellent service and well executed.

Room was like a shoe-box.

Plenty of drinking if you desire, but the quality of fools prevented us from joining any public activities.

Find something else to do.

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