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Lillian Hammer

Age: 70

Occupation:Self Employed

Number of Cruises: 10

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Mariner of the Seas

Sailing Date: May 15th, 2005

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

Sailing Date: May 15th, 2005

Just came back from this cruise. Had a great time. Been here before so not too much was new. I just wish that Royal Caribbean would read some of their comment cards and make changes. lst of all the food in the main dining room was worse than cafeteria food at a low class cafeteria. Denny's might have better food. They have cut down on selections and definitely quality is not good. Service was good. But main dishes were not. Seems like they were experimenting on the food. Next thing is can't RCI buy new bedspreads? Those bedspreads are on all the cruises - seems like same ones and they are dirty, dirty, dirty. Most of us wouldn't have them on our beds. The balcony stateroom (and you must have a balcony) was good and most enjoyable as always. The weather was not that great - no sunshine and quite windy but sitting on the balcony was fine. Room kept clean (except for those ugly bedspreads.) We did not have a trash container in the bathroom and the attendant told us someone "stole" the trash can -boy they sure needed a trash can bad if they took that piece of plastic home w/them. Anyway he could not give us a trash can in the bathroom because RCI didn't have any more trash cans. Now come on do you believe that story - I don't. So I kept taking the one from underneath the coffee table and put it in the bathroom and lo and behold every day the attendant took it out of the bathroom where I needed it and put it back under the coffee table where I didn't need it - it got to be like a put and take game. I took it in the bathroom and he put it back in the main room. So RCI extend your budget to put a trash container in the bath room of suite 8634 please. The staff was good - the entertainment okay - a great Afro American comedian the last night we were there was sensational. The ice show of course was just great. Russian skaters and they do know what they are doing. You must eat at Chops - it is just wonderful - well worth the extra $20 per person. The food is outstanding. No comparison to the dining room food at all.
Johnny Rockets was just fair as far as the hamburger goes but the milk shake was delicious. I still like RCI but they do need to make some adjustments in their food and bedspreads. Surely RCI knows about Linens 'n Things. They can buy bedspreads there and go to the $1 store and pickup a plastic waste can for the bathroom and get a chef in the kitchen that knows how to make good food - how about a woman chef - cause on the last 4 trips on RCI - the food was bad, bad and bad. Thanks for letting me review. It helps to vent.

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