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Age: 16


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Monarch of the Seas

Sailing Date: 2010-08-9

Itinerary: Bahamas

I'm a 16 year old girl who went with my family and extended family on this cruise. I just wanted to write a review for all the other kids going on this cruise. We took the 3-night one which was way too short, because there was so much more to do! We boarded the ship around noon on Friday- take a carryon purse or something and put an extra bathing suit so you can try out the pool because the cruise takes your luggage to your room. On saturday we stopped at Nassau, Bahamas and shopped around for a little. Then we took a ferry to Atlantis. Warning: don't take the ferries. The ride was nice and all but it took up more time than necessary and by the time we got to the Atlantis beach we barely had time to relax. So...take the taxis. The beach at Atlantis was gorgeous! The water was so clear and the sand was clean and white. Sunday, we stopped at the Cruiseline's private island, Coco Cay. Warning: you won't want to leave. The island is BEAUTIFUL. There are palm trees and hammocks, white sand, clean bathroom, and cute vendors with everything you need. We even signed up for all-day snorkeling at the island! We relaxed, snorkeled, and ate (lunch was provided) all day long. Snorkeling was cheap (about 30 bucks for everthing all day) and fun. Also, don't forget to rent the floaties...they're amazing- so relaxing.

As for the amount of kids, this cruise was PACKED. There were two teen camps so over 100 teens were there which was good :). I met quite a few interesting people. I had a cousin (boy, 15) to go around with, but it's not the same as having a girl friend so next time I'm definitely inviting a friend!

Oh, and the entire staff was so helpful and kind especially the waiters at dinner. They remembered our names and our preferences and were so cute with my baby cousins!

The breakfasts and lunches were okayy... I went on a Carnival cruise a few years ago and their food was AMAZINGly delicious! But the dinners here were topnotch so don't worry. The dinners are in a restaurant so it's kind of like going out to eat. You dress up nice and you get a menu which you can pick ANYTHING and however much you want on it...and it's for free. One night I even got two appetizers, three entrees, AND a dessert :). Haha but don't worry I didn't eat ALL of it.

It was small and quaint. Of course sharing a smaller-than-your-bedroom room with your whole family is never comfortable, but the beds were amazingly plush and relaxing which is all you really need on a cruise.

There were many good events like a late-night barbecue buffet with dancing and a dj. There's also a teen-club to go to at night with a dancefloor and a good dj with all the latest songs! But warning: only go if you have a friend. Like most parties, it's kind of awkward when you're by yourself. Also, there was rock climbing which I really wanted to try, but missed the chance.

Don't spend too much time shopping in Nassau. I wish we had gone earlier to the Atlantis beach cuz it was so pretty but we didn't have too much time to enjoy it. I also wanted to try a water activity like parasailing or jet-skiing, so don't forget to try those!

Overall, I had such a fun time, but it was so short :( and a bit awkward at times without a friend by my side. Next time my dad's decided to take at least a 5-day trip so we can see more and I'll be asking a friend!

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