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Age: 20


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Navigator of the Seas

Sailing Date: 2010-06-20

Itinerary: Western Mediterranean

My family and I flew into Rome 3 days before the cruise to make sure that there would be no surprises that might cause us to be late and miss the departure day. I feel that this was a great idea and would recommend it to anyone who is traveling from the states or from a cruise where they have to travel to the port. We sailed out of Civitavecchia Italy on the 20th and our ports of call were Genoa Italy, Villefranche France, Barcelona Spain, Mallorca Spain and the island of Sardinia in Italy. Overall I had a great time on the cruise. The service was great and the boat was very nice. The excursions overall were enjoyable and we had great weather the captain even changed the course to avoid clouds for us. The staff was very professional and were always there to help with a smile. I have with Royal Caribbean 3 times and would not hesitate to do so again.

Overall I would say that the food on the Navigator was very good. My only discrepancy were the ways that they served steaks. When you order a steak the only options are medium towards well or medium towards rare which basically means leather or medium. I made the unfortunate mistake of asking for towards well the first night and towards well with a little pink the second and got leather both times. My next steak I got towards rare and it was more to my liking with a little pink in the middle. Aside from that i enjoyed the dinners in the dining hall and in the Windjammer. In both cases you can eat as much as you want and if I saw multiple things on the menu that i thought sounded good I ordered them and would eat what I could the waiters and waitresses were happy to provide what I asked for. They would remember my drink orders from the previous days and have my soda waiting for me when I arrived. The Windjammer had great food as well and it was nice because you can go there pretty much anytime of the day and get as much basic food as you want buffet style if you don't feel like changing into slacks for the dining room. My favorite part about the food though was the room service and they promenade food. This was awesome because it was all free and you could get it at all hours of the day. There was a service fee for ordering room service after 3 am but I was asleep by then and you can go to the promenade at any hour and get pizza sandwiches or cookies if you don't feel like waiting for food. The only price of the room service was the tip and I usually gave him about 5 dollars and you can order as much as you want. Another thing that I would recommend when it comes to the dining hall on the Navigator of the Seas is with the eating times. They offer two different options for the dining hall anytime eating and an assigned time. My family had an assigned time and it was 6:45 pm. My personal opinion was that this time was to early. Often after a long day of excursions we would get back to the boat around 4:30pm and be so tired we would just fall asleep in our rooms. When we woke up about an hour or two later it would be time for dinner which is about an hour and a half long. This did not really leave us with an time to lounge around on the deck in the sun because it would be set by the time we got out. I would recommend either getting a later eating time or using the my time dining because it is nice to take advantage of the sun while it is out and eat at a later time.

I was in stateroom 7528 which is a balcony stateroom on the 7th floor. I shared this room with my younger brother who is 16. It had 2 twin beds which could have been pushed together to make a queen I believe. Overall I thought the stateroom satisfied our needs and I had a few small complaints but in the end you get what you pay for and I am sure these would have been taken care of if we had spent more money. The room was a decent size but I would have given some of that up to get a bigger bathroom. The shower was very tiny and the whole room was quite cramped. the toilet made a sound like a jet plane firing up its engine every time you flush which could be inconvenient if someone wants to use it during the night and others are asleep. I do have to commend our room attendant who in my opinion did a great job. My brother and I are 16 and 20 respectively which does not put us in the neatest stages of our lives. Our room was a mess for the majority of the time and it was definitely a relief to come and see our clothes which had at one time been thrown all over the floor folded on the couch. We also had the standard towel animals as well. Another discrepancy that I had was that the bed was a little to short for me. I am 6'3 and my feet hung off the edge. It was not that big of a deal but anyone who is taller than me might have a tough time.

I felt that the onboard activities for this particular cruise were very good and I feel this was only because it was out of Rome Italy. I think that if it had been out of the US it would not have been as fun for me because Royal Caribbean requires all its passengers to be over 21 to drink on the ship. If you sail out of Europe your parents can sign a waiver allowing you to consume alcohol on the ship. Drinking is not that big of a deal but I feel like it helps someone who is between the ages of 18 and 20 blend in with the older crowd that we have to hang out with in the clubs and bars. The teen club is for kids from 13-17 and you have to be 21 to drink which kind of leaves 18-20 year olds in there own niche where they cannot hangout with older people who partying and drinking but they cannot hangout with younger people either. This was not a problem in the Mediterranean but in the Caribbean it could be definitely sign the waiver for your kid if your taking him or her. There were other activities that you could do other than drinking as well. I did play bingo with my family and also used the basketball court frequently. I feel like the average age on the basketball court was about 16 or 17 and I was surprised at the quality of games that we were able to get going. I consider myself a pretty good player and the people weren't really good but it wasn't boring either. The casino was another place that I like to go but me being 20, on a limited budget, and not winning immediately I was not able to spend as much time in there as I had liked because I was wiped out pretty quickly. The tournaments seemed like a good time they had slot, blackjack, and poker tournaments. I also heard that the Quest game show and the love game show were very entertaining. I attended a few shows and found the comedian to be very funny and there was a hand shadow puppet guy who was awesome as well. I attended the mystery dinner in Portofino which had great food and I enjoyed the event as a whole but it was impossible to figure out who killed the guy they did not give nearly enough clues

I had a great time for the most part on my excursions. The ones that I would highly recommend are free time in Nice and Monaco, and Beach time and cheese tasting in Sardinia. Those were by far my favorite because Nice is a great city to just relax grab some food and soak in the sun. The beach in Sardinia was great and for the cheese tasting our guide brought us to a nice vineyard where they make different types of cheese they gave us all kinds of meat, wine, bread, and cheeses to eat and followed it up with dessert and a cheese making demonstration. It was laid back and great for the final excursion. The food was excellent as well and all you can eat. I also would recommend visiting Cinque Terra in the Genoa port either on an excursion or by yourself either way I think would be good. If you have any questions feel free to comment on my youtube videos and I will be happy to answer them or give my opinion.

Like I voiced before I thought the trip was tons of fun and would recommend it ton anyone. My only wish is that it was a little longer so that we could have had more days at sea. With all of the different interesting ports so close together it was hard to actually relax because there were so many tours that we wanted to go on and see the sites wince you never know when your going to come back to these places.

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