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Age: 31


Number of Cruises: 5

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Navigator of the Seas

Sailing Date: 2011-01-25

Itinerary: cozumel

We were not that pleased with the ship overall. Trouble started when trying to get to the pier. Royal Caribbean never provided a pier or terminal number so we had no idea where we were going. Luckily, we found our ship despite having a frustrated taxi driver. We didn't really expect an experiance similar to cattle hearding at check-in. The check-in process we rather impersonal and you felt extremely pushed around. There were bits of information that were not provided before hand that could have cut down on confusion. It appeared that either others didn't read their materials or expected to be hand-lead through the process. The cruise line could have avoided this with a simple fact sheet rather than a huge volume of orinted material that they call your paperwork. Once on the boat we quickly realized that the common areas of the boat were extremely under-sized for the capacity of the boat. I really can't think of any time on board that I wasn't shoulder to shoulder with somebody else. The fitness room was not large enough to accomodate those that actually wanted to use it, even during off-hours. The dining areas were chaotic to say the least. Too many people in too small of an area, despite out best efforts to dine at off hours. Everywhere on the boat was overly crowded. The elevators were packed at all times. Eventually we just started taking the stairs everywhere. To further the issues, it seemed that the air conditioning was broke. Despite cool outside air, the interior of the boat was extremely hot and humid. Most of the staff seemed guff and there more as crowd control rather than help. There were two exceptions Kewin at the Champagne bar and Fernando at the Two Poets bar. We have been to Cozumel 3 times before and were pretty happy with the location of the boat pier. Which ever pier we docked at this time left a lot to be desired. I think it was the "International Pier". In any event, there really wasn't anything around it to experience aside from stacks of vendor stores and masses of heckling locals trying to scam you into buying their stuff. At some points it was boarderline scary. We did find a couple things to do within walking distance of the pier, but as with anything tourist related everything was over-priced. I can't put all of the blame on the boat. Partly it was the other guest's behavior that made the experience bad. When you have that many people in a confined space for that long it isn't long before people start to turn to base instincts. People were pushy, rude, with no manners, outwardly drunk and annoying and exceptionally loud in common areas. People were handling and allowing their children to handle food with their bare hands on the buffet. Parents refused to discipline their children, and seeing kids standing on their chairs and yelling or crying or whatever else while their parents ignored them became a common scene in dining areas. Overall, this was not the experience that my fiance and I expected to have when planning a "relaxing" vacation. We both on multiple occasions stated that we couldn't wait to get back to home and work due to the experience. I would not recommend the cruise to anybody that is looking for a relaxing time.

The food in my opinion was terrible. It was similar to what you would expect from Old Country Buffet or Golden Corral. At first we thought it might be due to the fact that we tended not to eat in the dining room and thought about doing that instead, but we quickly found out that the food ( at least entres) were the same no matter what section of the boat you dined in. Much of the food looked as though it had set out before and didn't look fresh. It was also found that almost all of the entres were extremely bland. We expected some sorts of exotic foods that we don't normally see, with some sort of higher preparation than what you would find in a soup kitchen, but instead found greasy and tough steaks, JTM frozen hamburgers, chinese buffet style deserts, and massive amounts of various forms of potatos. The breakfast eggs were obviously some sort of mix, because I had never had scambled eggs with that sort of texture in my life. All in all, I think we pushed away more unfinished food than we ate.

The stateroom appearance was ok. We paid extra for a balcony room. It had enough space and seemed in decent enough condition. The two things that upset me were the bed and the balcony itself. The bed was hard as a rock, and the pillows seemed to have no filling. I found it extremely hard to sleep and felt tired the entire trip. The balcony was nice except for the fact that the doors were very loud to close and the partitions between other rooms did not offer much in the was of privacy or noise reduction. You could hear people talking as if they were in your own room. We also had problems with our toilet. Sometimes it took several attempts at pushing the button to make it flush as all.

We did not participate in any onboard activities mainly because we figured they would be over-booked fitting the theme thus-far.

We have done Passion Island in the in cozumel in the past and liked it. We didn't go this time because the weather looked bad.

Overall the trip were terrible. Beyond the issues with the boat, we also had issues with our airline that compouned the frustration. Both of us wished that we hadn't wasted the vaction time at work or the money spent on the vacation. Sadly, I'm glad to be sitting back here at my desk. I doubt that we will attempt a trip like this again in the future, if we do, I can't see us using Royal Caribbean.

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