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Jim Rose

Age: 27

Occupation:Customer Service Technician

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Navigator of the Seas

Sailing Date: January 3rd, 2004

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

I know that I read reviews on this ship before I went cruising and they were very educational, so I want to extend my newfound level of knowledge to you. SO read this because it WILL be helpful!

We got to the port of Miami on January 3rd 2004 (SAT) at around 11:00-11:30am. I think this was a good time. It was absolutely crazy down at the street and the porters were rude. I tipped the guy a couple of dollars for 2 bags like I would at the plane and he gave me an attitude. That did not start things off too well but it got a lot better. Once inside we only had about a 15-minute wait to check in and give up our credit card information and then we were on.

DAY 1: Miami
We got on the boat and we’re totally in AWE. The ship is very modern with lots of very cool art and decorations and nice plasma screen TVs and other modern stuff. We could not believe how cool it was and I just started video taping everything. We got to our room and were very happy to have chosen the OCEANVIEW STATEROOM. That is the one with the balcony overlooking the ocean. For a couple of hundred extra dollars it is totally worth it. There is a wall between guests on the balcony and the view is to die for. Highly recommended. We basically spent the first day/night walking around the ship and buying liquor and other stuff. **The first day they have these specials where you can buy like 2-5 bottles of liquor for super cheap…like 8-12 dollars and one and you only have to pay 1 charge of like 8 bucks to take all of the bottles to your room once the boat leaves Miami. If you are a big hard alcohol drinker than this is the way to go and save money. Otherwise drinks are about 5-8 dollars apiece and beer work out to be almost 5 bucks a pop. They would not be too bad except that an automatic 15% tip is put on almost everything!!! It kind of sucks, because some people do not deserve a tip. We hung out and drank and waved to people as we left about 5:30pm and were on our way.

DAY 2: Nassau, Bahamas
We woke up in the Bahamas. We ate breakfast at the dining room. It is OK. It is pretty fast and of course it is all you can eat, but I really enjoyed the Windjammer Café more. That is buffet style. We had signed up for the snorkeling trip. Not really recommended. We were taken out on about a 45-minute boat ride. It did not make everyone feel so well. Then they basically make you jump out of the boat in the middle of the ocean with nothing to hold on to with a stupid flotation device that does not fit properly strapped over your head, choking you. It was ok but I would not recommend it. We came back and walked around the little main street of Nassau. It is nice and surprisingly clean. The people are super nice too. Pick up some Cuban cigars here. They are worth it.

DAY 3 : At SEA
People get up really early and go up on the sun deck and put down their towels so that they will not get their seat stolen later. It gets crazy on the deck and it is really hard to find a place to lay out with your friends and family. I thought the saving chairs game was stupid and should not be allowed, but get up there early and get your spot or you are screwed. They have fun contests and lots of drinking going on. It was really windy that day and the seas were pretty rough. If any one tells you that you cannot feel the movement of the ship on a cruise then tell them they are stupid. YOU CAN!!! It is pretty hardcore too. It did not stop for about 48 hours and I thought it would never end. Even when I was off the ship I was still moving. If you get sick easy then a cruise is not for you. And if you take Dramamine then you will just sleep through the entire trip. I used the wristbands that you can buy. I don’t know if they really did anything or not, but they make you think they are working. It is all in one’s head.

DAY 4: St Thomas, Virgin Islands
My favorite stop on the trip. My friends got married up in the hills on a cool bay. It was so beautiful here. The people are cool. Be sure and check out the small flea market type shopping. If you are looking for cool jewelry then you can find it here. We bought a couple of Tanzanite necklaces. It may not have been tanzanite but it was a blue stone that looks like turquoise but nicer and it is called the jewel of the Caribbean.

DAY 5: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Very big city and unlike the other stops. We walked for about 5 miles to an old fort, castle looking building and it was cool. Very cool town. You are not there for very long so take advantage and get up early.

DAY 6: Labadee, Hispaniola Haiti
This place supposedly is owner by Royal Caribbean. It is nothing more than a beautiful island. The best bet here is to rent the floating mat. Then you can just chill in the ocean. The problem here is that the good side of the island to snorkel is where they try to ban you from being. I got into an argument with a guy that hardly spoke English about being able to swim in one side of the ocean. There is a sign posted that says swim at your own risk, but the guy still kept bitching so I finally gave up. So don’t spend money to snorkel. Not worth it. The jet skiing could be fun if you want to spend 100 dollars, but I did not feel like it was.

Day 7 : At Sea
Another day of hanging out at the pool and getting done those activities on the boat that you have not done yet. Do the rock climbing wall, play some miniature golf, arcade games or just more drinking because tomorrow you will be going home.

We tipped out room steward the first day and then tipped a little extra at the end. Everyone else got their money the last night in the envelopes that are provided.

I snuck liquor on in a shampoo bottle and did not even drink it. you can get it for so cheap on the boat, so just do that.

---Soda card
It is about 50 dollars with tax and tip for 1 card. you can drink all the soda you want with a stamp on your cruise "Sea Pass" It is worth it, but just buy 1 if you will be that person. You do not need to be the person on the card. you just need to flash it to get a soda.

---bring nice clothes
There are 2 formal nights and the rest of the nights everyone looks nice so you will want to to.

The ICE show, Ice Dancing is cool. Get the tix as soon as you can. I really enjoyed the "Best of Broadway" type show. Also if you like to groove the club, called the Dungeon gets crazy and stays open until 4am. I closed that out many nights!! if you have any questions email me at

GOOD LUCK and remember it is supposed to be fun and relaxing

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