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Carlmichael Delica

Age: 14

Occupation:guitarist, student & pirate

Number of Cruises: 1st

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Navigator of the Seas

Sailing Date: n/a

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

The cruise went pretty well considering it was my first ever. The Navigator of the Seas amazed me the first time I saw it. The long lines to get into the ship did too, but since my grandma was elderly, we quickly passed all the lines. I also learned that all my expenses were charged through the seapass card, so I didn’t have to worry about carrying money around.

My cabin was 9475, an inside one. The first couple of days I had trouble finding it, but once utilizing the maps placed everywhere, I found it easily. What impressed the most was the street that ran through the ship. The Royal Promenade had shops, cafes, and windows, which gave me the impression of a small street. It was so realistic, including the high roof, giving it a town atmosphere.

To entertain myself, I did many things. The “Living Room”, which was a lounge for teens, was a hotspot for me. Another good thing about it was that the internet access was half the price of the RC online café. When I needed exercise, the sports deck was my answer. A basketball court, mini-golf course, rock wall and inline skating rink fed that hunger. The only bad thing was that I needed socks and my parents to do the last two. If you wanted to swim, the pool deck would answer your call with two pools and Jacuzzis. If I wanted to dance, Fuel and the Dungeon were two places to go, but could only stay in the former till 11 PM. The arcade and my cabin are probably the other places I would go to. I also had a personal itinerary since I was a teen and had various things to do aboard the ship.

The service on the ship was excellent. While being given excellent service, the people were also very friendly. Our stateroom attendant was Beverly, from Jamaica, and she was friendly to talk to. Sam, our headwaiter from Thailand, and Erik, our assistant from Trinidad and Tobago, were also polite and friendly. I learned that those people earned fifty dollars a month, so the reason they were being polite and friendly was for gratuity, not out of pride.

For food, it was the Windjammer, Café Promenade, or the main dining hall. The food in the Windjammer had a great selection, but some of it was not that great (i.e., wet scrambled eggs). I only ate once in the Café Promenade, and the pizza was okay. The main dining hall had good food, but not great. The desserts were excellent there, though. Another thing that I liked was the various spots of ice cream stations.

After dinner, the normal routine for me would be to travel with my parents to the Metropolis Theatre. Almost every night I went there to watch the show. Graham Seymour, or whatever the cruise director’s name was, is a very good comedian. The shows are spectacular, considering that you are on a ship. The Beatles’ imitation band, Beatlemania, performed one night at the Theatre. An ice rink is also in Studio B if you want to watch the ice shows. Unfortunately, I could not participate in some activities, such as gambling in the Casino. Honestly, it was cheaper than the arcade.

The second day was a day for me to explore the ship. I was also introduced to the teen lounge and met some people. I also tried out the rock wall, but didn’t make it. It was just a day for me to explore the giant ship.

Our first port of call, Labadee, was owned by RC. It was a long stretch of beach with white sand and crystal clear water. The locals were eager to help the tourists, hoping for some gratuities, carrying chairs. One side of the beach had rough waves, while the other was calm. We traveled to the aqua park area, where RC had a BBQ for the passengers. The aqua park had a small fee of $15, and a giant slide with another fee. The aqua park was good, except for all the jellyfish that stung. I never went to the market after hearing how desperate they wear to sell, grabbing tourists. The tremendously high prices are also there since the locals are hoping to bag someone foolish enough to pay those prices since their economy is so low. The only other thing that was bad was it the hot weather.

In Ocho Rios, Jamaica, it was not a good experience. We decided to go on a Dunn’s Falls and Dolphin Cove excursion. The Dunn’s Falls were good, but we had to rent a pair of water shoes for $5 and a locker for $8. The locals also aggressively told us we had no pressure to buy their stuff. After that, we headed to Dolphin Cove; where we sat and watched the dolphins do tricks in very hot weather. The shopping mall also was a bit high.

We arrived in the Cayman Islands the next day. The excursion was a semi submarine, which was okay. The coral weren’t that pretty as other places I have been to. After that, my family and I went shopping around the city. It was a pretty good port.

Once we arrived in Mexico the next day, we went on a ferry to Playa del Carmen in the mainland. Just to let you know, the guards there were carrying M-16 assault rifles. Our destination was the Tulum ruins, and we took a bus from there for an hour ride with a tourist stop. Once we arrived in the park, the roads weren’t that well contained and stunk because of the swamp right next to it. We took a trolley instead of walking in the hot sun for a quarter mile to get to the entrance of the ruins. I didn’t enjoy the trip since it was so hot, but if you like ruins and stuff, go for it. After taking the ferry back to Conzumel, we walked around the beach street and looked in all the shops. Pretty good port, except you have to pay forty cents to go use the bathroom.

The last day at sea was an interesting day. It started off as a normal day, me just walking all over the ship. I also finally reached the rock wall today, considering I didn’t make it on Sunday. I also tried the inline skating. After lunch, I hung out at the “ Living Room”. Around 4 PM, the ship stopped since they spotted some refugees in a small boat. The ship went out and saved them, all eleven, and were supposedly Cuban. Afterwards, it was dinner and I had to get all my stuff packed and out in the hallway by midnight.

On Saturday, the final day, the fun cruise ended. I had to wake up pretty early, 6 AM and ate breakfast in the Windjammer. We ended up in the Boleros Lounge afterwards and were the first to get out since we had a green tag. Baggage claim went pretty quickly and by 10 AM, I was in the Miami airport heading home.

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