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Megan Penner

Age: 12


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Navigator of the Seas

Sailing Date: August 5th, 2006

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

I personally loved the Navigator of the Seas. We were with 15 of our closest friends, and most of the kids were my age. It wouldn’t be too fun if it were just our family of 3. So, it is best to go with a bigger group.

Breakfast: I liked Breakfast at the Windjammer. It was a buffet so, I admit, some of the food was weird or cheap and most of us ate cereal, donuts, and hash browns. My Mom doesn’t like buffets, and she said that there were so many people there in the morning, it was stressful. I didn’t find it like that, but there were quite a few people there.

Lunch: Lunch was ok in the Windjammer. We weren’t on the ship most of the lunches, so I can’t even remember what we ate. We ate at Johnny Rockets A LOT! With the fee of only around $3 to get in, then you get to order however much you want, it was nice. You also had to pay for your drink, but that was only $1.25. We had an AMAZING waitress, I forgot her name, but it was something like, Yenelle. She was so kind! She talked to us and made sure we were doing well. If you have her as a waitress give her a big tip! I didn’t know how to since it was our first day, and I regret it.

Dinner: Dinner was the best meal! We had AMAZING waiters! Jay and Augustine. They were so good with us, kids and teens. My friend’s little brother, Ian who is 4 was treated like royalty by Jay & Augustine. They cut his chicken, and gave him drinks. They taught us mind tricks and showed us how to make stuff out of napkins. They offered many desserts, and let us try different things, and would take them back if we didn’t like them. They had amazing Caesar Salads, and hummus. Both were so good! I also liked their spinach dip. They have kids menus too that you can ask for. They have good deserts like ice cream for the kids that come with cookies!

Promenade Café: They have amazing sandwiches, deserts, and cookies for free. Great for those in-between-meal snacks!

Shopping on the ship: I like having no tax, but there wasn’t anything too great there to buy for us. Shopping was better off the ship.

Kids Clubs & Activities: We never got to ice skate because the rink was only open at certain times and it was always crowded. We went rollerblading though! We also did Mini Golf. The Adventure Ocean is great for little kids if they don’t want to, or don’t get to go to a port. I would not take kids smaller than 6 to Jamaica. Especially if you are doing the Dunn’s River Falls. That would be hard for little kids. We never went to any clubs or anything, except my friend’s 4 year old brother stayed at Adventure Ocean for 2 ports because he liked it so much!

Rooms: I stayed in a room with 3 of my best friends. There are bunk beds that the top bunk pulls down from the ceiling. We all enjoyed the bunk beds! We had an ocean view room, which is a must have. It would stink to have an inside room that has no window! We had storms almost every night. So, it was fun to have a window. It only got too rocky a few times, and when it did, it was pretty rocky. The bathrooms were TINY! When I say tiny, I mean you could sit on the toilet and almost brush your teeth in the sink at the same time! The shower was a little circle shower, but I loved it! The rooms were nice though.

Pools: It was an unpleasant surprise when we all jumped in the pools and our eyes started to burn and our mouth tasted salty! All the pools are saltwater, except all of the hot tubs. Just giving everyone a warning!

Labadie, Haiti: Great beaches! We went to 2 beaches there, and in the second beach, it was very clear and the sand was great! We even saw a jelly fish, giant snails, crabs, and a lot of fish! It was very relaxing there, and I never felt rushed, hurried, or crowded.

Ochoa Rios, Jamaica: Ugh. Crowded, dirty, just ugh. The only thing you should do there is the Dunn’s River Falls. Then, you might want to go shopping a little, then LEAVE! There is nothing else that is great to do there.

Grand Cayman Islands: We went on a Moby Dick Tour. Snorkeling wasn’t great at all. It was 9 feet deep but, in some areas it was so shallow that you would rub up against things and it would startle you. Where we were snorkeling, about 100 feet away was a 6000 foot drop, and we weren’t allowed to go near it. Then, we went to the Sting Ray City. Amazing! There were small sting rays and large sting rays. But, some of the waves were so big that you would wash over to a different area and have to jump so you didn’t step on any sting rays. Other than that, I loved the Sting Ray City! The boat we went out on was small and cramped though. I hated that.

Cozumel, Mexico: At first it was horrible. Make sure you tell your kids not to look in the shops. Adults, do that first, then if it is safe and not inappropriate, go in. We only found a couple family-friendly stores and those stores were amazing! They have the best shopping! We went to Paradise Beach there, and it was amazing! Not to crowded. $8 for water stuff that included Kayaking , Iceberg Climbing, and Water Trampoline. It was cool! Everyone said we shouldn't eat some of the food there, but Paradise Beach had wonderful food that was clean and safe! We went snorkeling at Paradise Beach and we went out on a boat ,and it was awesome! The boat was big and they had tropical 80s music playing! The snorkeling was 65 feet deep and we saw awesome fish, turtles, and baby sharks. The fish let us touch them! It was cool! Very safe too. Overall, Cozumel is easily my favorite port.

Basically, I recommend Navigator of the Seas for people with big family's or groups! It was frustrating at points for the adults, but we had a great time with our group of 18! :)

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