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Cheri Levy

Age: 44


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Navigator of the Seas

Sailing Date: September 2nd, 2006

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

This was my 3rd cruise (1 previous on RCCL), but first time in the Caribbean. I can't begin to say enough about Royal Caribbean, especially the Navigator ship. What a beauty!

I flew in 1 day early. Stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel, exceptional views, service and food. I ordered a Caesar salad and a glass of wine from room service which was excellent!! When we woke up early on Sat., we could see "our" ship just waiting for us to come on board. We spent some time in the Miami shops near the water where we bought some cute dresses for under $20. Cute place to check out if you get in a day early. It was an easy walk to market from the hotel. There is also a Starbucks!

We had to call a van to take us to the ship. 5 min. drive, $40 charge. There is no way around it. There was 5 of us and lots of luggage. Total, there were 4 women and 1 - 10 yr. old girl.

We got to the ship by 12:00. Paid a porter $20 to take our luggage. Yes, the line was long but moved very quickly. We were on the ship in under 20 minutes. 3 of us had a balcony in room 6649. Very nice spacious room, large bathroom. My mom and her friend slept on the bed, 2 twins moved together, and I slept on the pull out couch.

All but one piece of luggage made it to our rooms by 5:00. The missing piece had lost its tag, and was easily found with other "orphan" luggage.

The bed and linen was very nice and plush. The pull out bed in the couch was not as comfortable. I don't think I will ever do that again. The room attendant pulled it out every night and made it up and put in back every morning. With that being said, that is my only complaint of the whole cruise.

Our friend who has the 10 yr. daughter, booked room 6609 which overlooked the Promenade mall. What a treat that was. It was a large room also with a spacious bathroom. They kept their curtains open most of the day and could watch all the activity in the mall.

Dining room: We ordered the wine package, 5 bottles of wine for $129.00 tip included. We could open as many bottles at once as we wanted. They would show us every night how much we had left and keep it in a cooler for us. We only ended up drinking 3 bottles total, so on the last night they gave us the other 2 bottles to take home. Considering a glass of wine is $6.50, it was well worth it to buy the package.

Our waitress, Monica and assist. waiter, Nickolay were incredible!! They did such a great job and were so much fun to talk to. Our head waiter, Gordon, was also very helpful and nice. Most head waiters don't seem to do much other than come by your table once a night to say "hi". I saw him many times helping his staff clear plates, bring food, and pouring coffee.

The food was great. They encourage you to eat way too much every night. I had a Cesar salad every night which was delicious. Most of the nights I chose to skip the deserts. Of all the food items, the deserts were just not that good. Everything else was delicious.

Windjammer cafe: I ate most of my meals here. There is so much to chose from, there should be no complaints. I do agree with an earlier review that the drinks seem watered down, though. But i know I could have asked one of the waiters to bring me a drink that wasn't so watered down and they would have. I wouldn't have minded eating all my meals here. My mom & her friends had sushi one day for lunch and they said it was great!

Johnny Rockets: I never had the chance to eat there, but the 10 yr. old did and she loved it. I think it is geared for the kids, not the adults. My mom & friends went for a shake and enjoyed it. You basically pay a $3.95/person cover charge and get whatever you want for free, with shakes being extra.

Spa/salon: This was definitely my favorite part of the ship. The gym was large and had everything my gym at home has. There was always a machine to work out on. They had nice changing rooms with steam and sauna rooms. There was a mineral pool also. We did a yoga class one day, $10/person, with Alex (one of the personal trainers). Worth every cent. They also offer spinning classes every morning, along with Pilates classes. On port days, Alex has the yoga classes on the beach. The 2 personal trainers, Alex and Anthony, are so dedicated to their jobs. They were quite an inspiration to all of us.

The salon/spa offers quite a selection of services/treatments. But plan on spending a small fortune. I had my hair cut by Tess in the salon, great job, for only $77.00. That was a deal by my standards, i had very long hair which she transformed into a very cute short haircut.

I didn't do any of the other treatments in the spa. They offer everything from detox wraps, acupuncture, massages of all sorts and hot stone therapy. Every single one of them sounded absolutely wonderful. I just basically ran out of time. I plan on doing a few of them on my next cruise.

Labadee, Haiti: Beautiful island owned by RCCL. My mom and I did the wave runner excursion. I would not suggest this excursion to anyone who has never ridden a wave runner or who is concerned about going at least 40 mph in the water. They had just gotten new wave runners that did close to 65 mph, oh joy. I would have much preferred going at a slow pace and enjoying the scenery. Our guides were very nice and helpful, Vlad and Shane. My forearms were sore for a week due to holding on to the handlebars so tight. There are quite a few coral reefs that you constantly had to be on the lookout for, so you didn't run your wave runner into one. Afterwards, we rented a floaty mat for $10/each and spent the rest of the day floating in the water. The BBQ was good. They had music playing and fire eaters somewhere, though I didn't see them. I felt safe the entire time, but the market was a bit nerve racking due to the merchants harassing you constantly! I probably would have bought more items if they hadnt been so forceful. There were beautiful pictures, home decorations, and clothing. But i just left, as did many others from the ship. At any time you would have 3 or 4 of them vying for you to come to their stall to look at the merchandise.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica: Pretty much the same story. Beautiful water, scenery. etc. But the locals won't leave you alone. We were all offered "something to smoke". Again, i just left and went back to the ship after less than 1 hour on shore. I heard Dunn's River Falls was not to be missed. I wish I had done that.

Grand Cayman: By far, the most beautiful place I have ever been to. It has a very peaceful energy about it. We took a tour "Jolly Roger" tour. The driver is a "pirate". Very funny and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this excursion to everyone. We got to stop by a beach and spend some time in the water. He mentioned Grand Cayman has the lowest crime rate in all the Caribbean. It is also the 6th largest financial district in the world. Next time I want to do a snorkel excursion there.

Cozumel: Again, the color of the water was indescribable. Beautiful. The destruction from the hurricane was very sad. Good to see all the re-building taking place, though. Our cruise was the first time in over a yr. the ship was able to dock vs. staying in the bay and having to tender the passengers to land. The dock was still in pretty bad shape, though. Again, next time I cruise to Cozumel, I want to either take a tour to a private beach or do a snorkel excursion. There was no beach to walk to in Cozumel from the ship. I talked to someone on the ship who also suggested hiring a private tour for a scuba diving excursion, for experienced scuba divers.

Night life: There was so much night life to chose from. We enjoyed "Rock the Boat", the band on board. They were excellent! I am not a fan of Karoke, but they made it fun to watch.

Boleros: We also had a blast at Boleros, one of the bars. Michael & Stephen, 2 hilarious bartenders who always started off our nights with a great drink. In case you are wondering, my bar tab was less than $100, much of that being paying $4.50 for bottles of water. I pretty much just had one drink a night.

Usually at Boleros there was a Latin American band that played salsa music. It was fun to watch all the couples dancing salsa style.

Two poets pub: Another fun place to listen to music. This pub is located in the promenade mall. Shane (one of our guides on the waverunners), would start around 10 pm with his 1 man show. He was fantastic. He would play/sing songs that everyone knew and could sing along with, Neil Diamond, Jimmey Buffet, Motown, etc. Within 15 mins. of starting his show, he would have people all the way out into the promenade mall singing along. He is great with crowds. The pub was open to the mall so everyone could see him.

The Dungeon was were everyone would end up after everything else was closing. They would play music until 3AM. It would always start off good with "danceable" music, but would eventually end up playing rap music. So we would leave and go home.

Ocean Adventures: The 10 yr. old with us is very shy. By day 2 she was spending every possible second there. It is a program for the little ones. They have it split up into age groups. We were told all the counselors have 4 yr. degrees in child recreation. You have to pick your child up for lunch and dinner. Of course, they can just go to Johnny Rockets and do their own thing, if the parents are on shore. They will even watch them from 10-1 am for $5/hr.

Everything is bought with your sea pass card. So no one ever has to carry any sort of money, except if you are onshore buying things. Each room has a safe that you set your own password to and that is where our passports and wallets stayed the entire cruise.

Of course, it is very easy to buy things with your sea pass card, the card you are given upon check in. You can check your bill 24/7 on your TV in your room. Granted I spent way more than I wanted to, but it was worth it. I feel totally relaxed. And you cant buy "relaxation". Depending on what you want to do while on the cruise, you will spend at least $500/person with excursions, spa treatments, bar tabs, etc. But again, IT IS WORTH IT!

We spent very little time out by the pool. There is also a movie theater we never made it to. The ice show was nice, but there were a lot of falls. But i would want to see it again. My mom and her friend saw all the shows at night and thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

This cruise was a trip of a lifetime and I cant wait to do it again. It was worth every penny. The staff and the ship make it worth while. I will probably do RCCL again. From everyone I have talked to, it is pretty unanimous that RCCL knows how to "do it right".

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