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Sean Jaffe

Age: 39

Occupation:Car Dealership Owner

Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Oasis Of The Seas

Sailing Date: 2011-12-27

Itinerary: eastern caribbean

I've been on several cruises. Different cruise lines. This was the 1st on Royal Caribbean. What a huge disappointment. Everyone was rating and raving about this new ship that was so big. Yes, it is big. But that adds no value to your cruise or your enjoyment. What does it add? A lot more people crowding the decks and crowing every space you go to. Like a flea market type of crowding. Nothing else. Now, lets proceed. The staff of this cruise, Oasis of the Seas, was by far the most unprofessional staff I had ever encountered on a cruise. Usually on a cruise, you are constantly greeted with smiles and made to feel good where ever you go. Not on this ship. This staff is heavily overworked and it shows. The wait staff in the restaurant was not only unpleasant, but slow about doing everything. If you wanted another drink, you should bring your thermos.The way the this staff interacted with us felt too uncaring, like they were doing us a favor when we asked for things. It felt crappy. The ships biggest problem is that it has a shopping mall on deck 5. Literally. You don't feel like youre on vacation. You feel like you're in a mall with people constantly approaching you trying to sell you things. Oh, and kiss the days of a cruise being an "all-inclusive" vacation. I mean, everywhere you went you had to pay extra for your food, your drinks, whatever. I couldnt believe it. This ship is so commercialized... it really stank. They even added a Starbucks to the ship. Which probably would be cool if you didnt have to take out your wallet every time you wanted something. The internet service is a rip off scam. They sell you these packages for a lot of money and then your internet runs extremely slowly. They try to blame it on the ship being out at sea, but thats not the case. They are price guaging the people. There were several people complaining about this to guest services. The enjoyment factor on this cruise was non-existant. By the 3rd day we were so bored. Nothing left to do that wasnt already done. Overall, please save your vacation by going on a different cruise line!

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