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Age: 22


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Sovereign of the Seas

Sailing Date: June 27th, 2005

Itinerary: Bahamas

My new husband and I just returned from a wonderful honeymoon aboard the Sovereign of the Seas. After reading some of the mixed reviews I had no clue what to expect. We are in our early twenties and this was our first cruise. We had an ocean view stateroom on the seventh deck (#7012).

We had read some of the reviews and learned the earlier you arrive at port the easier the boarding process. We were there around 9 that morning and followed the signs to take us to the correct loading place. When we arrived there was a man that stopped us and told us what lane to get in. We were directed everywhere! This extremely nice and funny man handled the unloading our luggage. We wanted to help, but he said we were to relax and enjoy ourselves. Nearly forgot to tip him, but Jonathan remembered about the time the guy asked for one!! LOL!! Parking was easy it was $40 and we were directed through that and ended up on the bottom level about ten cars in.

Customs was easy to get through. Our carry-on bags were scanned through with no problems. We took the escalator up, filled out a customs card and went straight to check in. We gave the courteous gentleman our tickets, customs form, I.D.s, and received our Sea Passes. We went through another line where they swiped our card and took our pictures and we got on the boat. It took around two hours from entering the port to boarding the ship, but it didn’t seem to take that long at all because we were actually doing something.

Once on board we found a computer area to lounge in. I immediately grabbed our Sea Passes and bought the soda passes which were being sold in the Centrum. Great investment!!! We explored the boat and our rooms were opened promptly at 1.

Our room was small, but I was expecting worse!! It was arranged well. I had two complaints: 1) The bed was two pushed together so there was a ridge in the middle and one mattress was firmer than the other. 2) There was a faint sewage smell, but only in our bathroom and only when the boat was docked/tendered. Those were my only complaints. Our luggage fit under the bed nicely and it was fine for two people. We didn’t see our attendant but 3x’s during the whole trip. We knew he had been there though and I adored the towel animals he left on the bed each night!!!!

We didn’t eat lunch until after our rooms were opened the first day. It was easier to get around that way. The food in Windjammer was great every day!!! We ate there for just about every meal. They serve the same food as the main dining rooms plus some.

Here’s a tip: When you enter find a seat first and one person stay there while the other goes and fixes his/her plate first, if you don’t you will wander around forever looking for a place to sit. Oh, it is never crowded for dinner!! Oh, try the mandarin cheesecake, it is to die for!!! My only complaint food wise is the bread!! The rolls are hard as rocks!!!!

We did have some rough weather before we left port and for a while afterwards. The boat rocked, but that could not be helped. After that it was smooth until the last nights even though we were suppose to have storms every day.

We didn’t hit any of the shows other than Dueling Pianos. It was great and I would recommend it!! I also recommend the Art Auctions they hold. We walked off with some great buys!!

All of the bars were great and never crowded until night. We hung out on the pool deck in the mornings and in Boleros all afternoon and night. Boleros have plenty of games for you to play if you choose. Schooners is nice and quiet at all times, so if you want to get away go there. The pool is always crowded, so I didn’t spend much time there. Go on the very top deck to get away from everyone though!!! That’s the only peaceful place near the pool.

Johnny Rockets is good and only $3.75 plus gratuity. You get drinks, fries, onion rings, burgers, and dessert for that. As much as you want!!

Sorrento’s was decent, but not the best pizza I’ve ever had. I only ate there once.

We ate in the main dining room for lunch once. It was good, but no better than Windjammer.

Cocoa Cay was AMAZING!!!!!!!! I wish I could have stayed there forever!! The people are so friendly and the Cocoa Locos are great!! There were quite a few people complaining about the heat, but we didn’t feel it. There was no humidity and the wind was blowing. Hint: SPF 30 didn’t phase the sun and I ended up cooked!!! DH didn’t because he stayed in a hammock under a tree. Oh, also if you don’t want the beach BBQ they have you will have to get back on the boat and eat in the main dining room. Every thing else is closed.

Nassau was very slummy in my opinion. We didn’t spend but maybe two hours there. I didn’t like it!! If we had booked some excursions it probably would have been better, but we wanted to explore on our own. We did very little because I didn’t want to get off the well beaten path.

The trip was amazing. My only other complaint isn’t with the boat itself, but with some of the travelers’ children. None of the children were ever with an adult and acted terrible!!! The parents need to watch their kids or drop them off at the Adventure programs for the kids, but don’t let them run amok.

Departure began bright and early and was no problem. It is done by color and we were the next to last group to get off the boat, but it went along quickly. Customs was quick and easy. Gathering your luggage after you depart is tricky and every man is for himself. It’s on big belts and every one is grabbing. Also, it seemed as though everyone’s luggage was mixed around and none of it was together. Then you haul it back to your car, if you drove, or to wherever you’re going because there aren’t enough workers to carry it for everyone.

Our trip was spectacular!! We will definitely travel with Royal Caribbean again!!! I hope this review helped and feel free to email me with any questions!!!!

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