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Age: 27


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Sovereign of the Seas

Sailing Date: July 24th, 2006

Itinerary: NOT FOUND

My mother and I decided to take our first cruise for our mother/daughter trip. Although I have nothing to compare this cruise with…I will tell you that we had the time of our lives and can’t wait to go on another cruise!!!!!! I had read the reviews and pretty much already knew what to expect. I agreed with a lot of the reviews and strongly disagree with others.

As for boarding the ship…yes, you can board early. We found this to be a pretty quick and easy process. We also found that once we boarded the ship that everyone is extremely helpful and nice. I decided to purchase the pop package (30 dollars) and my mother did not. I ended up accidentally laying my cup down at one of the shops and after realizing it and going back…it was gone!!! I was pretty upset by this but still received the free pop because of the coca-cola sticker on my sea-pass card. I was just frustrated that someone wouldn’t be kind enough to turn it in to guest services. We immediately went to the buffet because we were not allowed into our rooms until 1:00 or 2:00 (I can’t remember)

Our room- I had already prepared myself for the size of the room. It was TINY!!! That did not bother me as bad as the shower. If you are a large person, it would almost be impossible to shower in the room we had. I know there are larger rooms available but we decided we weren’t going to be in our room the majority of the time anyway. As a female, I found it hard to shave my legs. But like I said…it did not bother us that bad because of the fact that we were hardly ever in the rooms.

We quickly learned that you cannot pay for anything on the boat with cash/credit card/check (except for at the casino). You have to put it on your Sea Pass card and then they will give you a bill on your last day there. We had put a credit card on file so it was just charged to it after our cruise.

Ports: Our first stop was CocoCay. Which is an island owned by Royal Carribean. I was very excited about this from the reviews. It was just as beautiful as I had imagined. The water was perfect and that is where we spent the entire day. We had walked through the straw market but did not see anything of interest there. We decided not to do any explorations this day because we were only there until 5:00. They do serve food on the island. I had seen many reviews about the food not being great but we thought it was wonderful!!!!!! We even tried the Coco Loco (the island drink). It was okay. I know there is a nature walk and some sort of water activities for kids on the island, but like I said, we basically stayed by the water the entire time.
Nassau-We signed up for snorkeling and it was well worth it!!! We went through the Rainbow reef snorkeling and they are waiting for you when you get off the ship as are most explorations. I wanted to do the Dolphin encounter but did not feel it would be worth $165. I would eventually like to go back and do it on another trip. We went to the market and did buy a few things. But the vendors are very annoying and it is very crowded. Some vendors even tried grabbing my arm and pulling me over to look at their merchandise. They were all willing to negotiate the prices. We left there and headed to Hard Rock to purchase some items for family members. There are a lot of places to do shopping in Nassau. We then headed back to the boat to get some lunch. After lunch, I went and got my hair braided on the island. (50 dollars). And then we did a little more shopping. We wanted to go to Paradise Island and Atlantis but were kind of tired and decided to just head back to the boat and lounge by the pool.

As for the cruise itself…there is something to do for every age. I continually saw activities going on for all ages. The entertainment is great. There were dancers/singers, a juggling act, bingo (bingo was a bit expensive-$36-so we only played it one night), a comedian, rock climbing wall, poolside activities (belly flop contest, sexy legs contest-for men-, line dancing..etc.) and, of course, the casino!!!! There is also a spa on the boat which looked fabulous…but we were not willing to pay the price.

Here are the things I LOVED!!!
-the food was amazing. We both gained about 5-7 pounds from eating so much!
-the staff was incredible. Extremely friendly and helpful.
-the boat was beautiful-I know this is one of the smaller boats but it seemed huge to a 1st timer!
-the entertainment was GREAT!
-Always something to do-never bored.
- Great shopping and deals on the boat.(the watch/jewelry store had great deals!)
-CHOCOLATE BUFFET!-Need I say more???

Things I did not like-
-The shower
-The long wait to get off the cruise
-only a few places cost money (jonny rockets charged a $3.70 charge just to eat there) and Ben and Jerry’s cost money.
-and the main complaint I had was the pool situation. There are only two pools there ( one was closed the first day). There are signs everywhere that say that one pool is reserved for guests 18 years or older. This was not enforced until half way through the day on the final day. And even when they made the announcement, some parents still did not make their children go into the other pool(which is identical to the adult pool which the parents can swim with them. I obviously do not mind children (I am a teacher) but I was on vacation too and these children were jumping on my head and I was continually getting kicked. My mom did not even want to swim half the time because she is not a great swimmer and was getting knocked around and her fingers stepped on while holding on to the edge.
-If you want to make a phone call-it is like $7.00 a minute! I have Sprint which they said would work but did not except for one evening at like midnight.
-We went to the dueling pianos numerous times-I would not suggest taking kids there as they can get pretty vulgar. But adults will enjoy it very much.
-If you do not get to go to all the shows-make sure you go and see the singers and dancers-they were great.

-Bring an alarm clock. None in room and we did not receive a few of our wake up calls.
-Be prepared to tip-at the end of the trip they ask that you tip per day/per guest. This can get pretty costly if you go by their suggested tipping.
-Bring stretchy clothes-you WILL gain weight!!!
This was an amazing vacation. Every vacation has bad things about it…none were enough to make me not want to do this again. This will rank as one of my favorite vacations of all time!!!!!


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