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Age: 32

Occupation:Law Enforcement Communications

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Sovereign of the Seas

Sailing Date: August 21st, 2006

Itinerary: NOT FOUND

This was me and my husbands 3rd cruise. This trip, we decided to take my 6 year daughter and my 10 year old son. We arrived at Port Canaveral at 12:30pm. The Sovereign was the only ship in port that day. The boarding process was wonderful. I barely stopped walking before being moved to the next area. I had my documents ready and everything filled out to help move things along. I was so excited to see the faces of my children as we entered to Centrum of the ship. We started the day off with the lunch buffet in the Windjammer. We had to wait there till 2:00pm so the rooms would be ready. Once we arrived in the room, the 1st thing I noticed was the small room. We were in 5516, which is a quad room. It has the 2 fold down bunks for the children. We learned how to fit in the room after a few head bumps. The Captain announced due to impending bad weather our schedule would be adjusted to make our trip better. (So on Tuesday instead of Cocoa Cay we would have our day at sea to avoid a bad storm.) Monday night we ate dinner in the dining room which I had to say was very good. My kids enjoyed the atmosphere and the food as well.

The day at sea was fun but large crowds in the pool area. The front pool is supposed to be over 18 and the rear pool for everyone else. Most of the time this worked out ok. While the kids were swimming, I was sitting on the deck looking out at the black clouds in the distance. I kept seeing water spraying up out of the water. I walk up to the window and couldn't believe my eyes. A whale was not too far from the ship just cruising along blowing air out of its blow hole! I got my children out of the pool to look and then the crowd started coming over and created quite a stir. The other big attraction on this ship is the Rock climbing wall. My children had never done this prior to this cruise. We were 1st in line to sign them up. The people there were very friendly and helpful. Lots of cheering and encouragement for those weak moments. Both my children climbed up those walls like pro's. The guy told me I should find a local place when we got home so they could do this more often. My daughter was like a little spider monkey up that wall. 50 pounds of climbing fury! Later that evening we all went back to the room and squeezed around to get ready for the formal night dinner. I have to admit it was really nice to see my family dressed up. So much so, that I HAD to have a formal picture made. The dinner was good that night, my son didn't feel well, so he and I returned to the room early. To my surprise the waiter "Herry" prepared my dinner and personally delivered it to our cabin. Talk about service! The night ended up with my son feeling better and a good nights sleep. Not 1 morning did we get a wake up call. We slept till we woke on our own. Remember, vacation time can be exhausting. Try to work some rest in there too. Don't feel like you have to go all day. Also, don't feel guilty for hanging in the cabin and resting mid day.

Wednesday we woke up in Nassau. Ate breakfast and decided to just do our own walking tour of the shops and streets near the port. Make sure you don't make eye contact with the multitudes of vendors, hair braiders and transportation people. UNLESS you really need their services. I've learned to just avoid eye contact and keep walking. There are horse and carriage rides, taxi's, buses and ferry boats to take you anywhere you want to go. We simply took an unguided tour of the town. We went into many quaint shops and picked up souvenirs. There are some good deals and bad deals. Look around before you buy. You may pay $10 for a t-shirt and the next store may have 3 for $10. So shop wisely. We took lots of great pictures. There is a church that was built in 1670 that is near the town. It is white brick and beautiful. The outside looks historical and the inside is immaculate. There are still services held there. Be careful walking in the town. The drivers there take lots of risks with each other. Chaotic conditions for drivers and pedestrians. Just keep your eyes and ears open. And keep your children close. We slowly made our way back to the ship. We had lunch and decided to hang by the pool. Most of the ship was empty due to the fact that everyone was out doing excursions.

Thursday we woke up at Cocoa Cay. Weirdest thing about this was when you take the elevator down to get off the boat, there is no pier or anything. There is a ferry boat up against the ship. It was unstable and the water is like, RIGHT THERE. They ride you over to the island which is so beautiful. Don't swim at the 1st beach you come to. Keep walking around the island to the less crowded beaches. There is plenty to do there. My son enjoyed the sea creatures a lot. He loves to find odd sea shells. He found one real pretty one and wants me to put it in his bag. There was a leaf inside it and I go to pull it out, IT WAS A CLAW, the two little eyes pop out at me. It goes without saying, the shell didn't make it my bag, I almost got biblical and walked on water getting away from that. Ok, the BBQ they have on the island was awesome. The ribs were huge and tender. Lots of BBQ chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit, desserts and drinks. It got a little hot there so we headed back to the ship. Word of advice here, don't sit on the top deck of the ferry unless you want to burn you entire rear-end off. It was like sitting on a griddle. We had to lay down towels. The rest of the day was great and so an end was approaching to our long awaited vacation.

The debarkation was painless. If you haven't brought 100 pieces of luggage and are eager to leave the ship that morning. Choose the Xpress exit. It is a little disorderly at first, but once you start moving, they roll you out fast! Let me sum it up for you with advise and comparison. This was my 3rd cruise. We had cruised with Carnival twice before on the Fantasy. The rooms were smaller on RC. Sometimes the ship was a little warm too. The shows were good, but not as good as Carnival. The food on RC was great, even offering kids menu type stuff too. My kids had enough offerings of fancy food and really just wanted a happy meal! I would have liked to see more family things to do together on the ship. I worked hard to keep my kids from getting bored. They did enjoy some of the Adventure Ocean activities. But we wanted to do things with them. Not much to offer in that aspect. Over all we had a ball. I can't wait to take them again. I will probably go on a bigger ship next time. Sovereign is a good starter ship for 1st time cruisers. The service and care was terrific. They are actually better than Carnival in that area. I would recommend RC to anyone. Hope this advise helps!


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