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Age: 28

Occupation:Accounting Student

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Sovereign of the Seas

Sailing Date: August 14th, 2006

Itinerary: NOT FOUND

 I read many reviews about the Sovereign of the Seas. I was a little worried about the things I had read, but boarding the Sovereign I was in shock because this ship is gorgeous and full of fun activities. It was one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on. The ship was clean, plenty of activities, hot food, wonderful service and very entertaining. There was a small sewer smell in some of the hallways as I had read in reviews, but it was not strong and it was not everywhere only in some of the hallways. I never smelt the sewer in my room. They tried to take care of the smell and cleaned the carpets in the hallway daily.

We landed at 7:15am which was a 3 hour time change, but we were so excited to be going on a cruise that we didn’t feel too tired. I recommend the all night flight if you are trying to save money. You don’t have to worry about hotel costs going this route. We got our bags and rental car which went smoothly, but next time we will go through Royal Caribbean transportation to and from the airport. We headed to Cape Canaveral, Florida which was a 35 minute drive from the airport. We got to the port at 10am and started the online process which was very smooth and well organized. We had done the online check in process at home so it took only about 3 minutes to show all the proper ID’s and to receive our sea pass cards. After receiving our sea pass card we had to wait until 11:30am to board the ship. We were the second people in line. We got onto the ship right at 11:30am and went straight to the windjammer for lunch. The lunch selection had a lot to choose from. It had a build a taco station, salad bar, sandwich station, sliced hot ham or beef, rolls, a small pasta selection, fruit station and then a dessert station. The dessert station was puddings, Jell-O’s and cookies. They serve water, tea or orange juice for lunch. It was good, fresh and hot, I just like hamburgers, fry’s or chicken varieties, which is at Johnny Rockets on deck 12. You can choose to eat lunch at Sorrento’s pizza which is all free and very hot and quit good. You can eat lunch at Johnny Rocket’s which is a 50’s style dining. They dance while you eat and make you laugh! The fry’s were yummy and they had a good variety. Chicken sandwiches, chili fry’s, hamburgers and more. They have an awesome dessert selection. We got the Oreo sundae - wow it was good. This has a 3.95 per person cover charge gratuity is included. You can have as much as you want and order everything. The milkshakes and pop are extra charge. We usually ate lunch in the main dinning room. I liked the atmosphere. You can go in your causal clothes for lunch. Lunch in the dining room had salad choices, soups, different appetizers daily, Tai roll ups, orange chicken over rice, hamburgers, salmon, chicken dishes and more. You also get a dessert. They had a caramel banana split, cheesecakes, apple pie selections, strawberry shortcakes, mint chocolate pie and more. I felt like the food met my expectations. It was really good and fresh.

We left at 5pm and headed to Coco cay. They had a fun pool party right away with waiters coming around asking if you wanted daiquiris or anything to drink. We loved watching the waters while leaving Port Canaveral. The entertainment daily, was well organized. Chris our cruise director is an awesome guy full of energy and making sure everyone is having fun. We sat at the pool deck for awhile and then went to dinner in the main dinning room for the main seating at 6:15. We never missed out on any shows or activities, but heard the 8:30 dinner option did. Dinner was wonderful every night and tasty and hot. There was a good variety of appetizers. Shrimp cocktail, soups, salads, clam dishes, fruit dishes, and hot rolls or breads. Main course they had chicken selections, lobster, prim rib, steaks, fettuccini, salmon, duck, turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, beef dishes, and more. Desserts were same as the lunch in dinning room just different selections daily. The food was great!

Entertainment- We enjoyed all the shows every night. They had musical performances, dance performances, comedian and juggling. We enjoyed the newlywed game show. Go to the welcome aboard captions party, great chance to meet the captain and if you drink you get free drinks this evening. They have virgin free drinks as well. Each night there were bingo activity’s adult dancing, karaoke, the live band, soft piano in Centrum, piano entertainment in the schooner bar anything from country to rock! That was a lot of fun. The Disco dancing, dancing under the stars and midnight buffets was fun to see how creative they were with sculpting with food and ice. The casino was fun, but we never won once on the slots and I heard that from a lot of people. We stuck to blackjack and pretty much came out even. We went to all the poolside activity’s like the sexy leg competition (very fun), belly flop competition (laughed our heads off) and all the dancing activity’s by the pool. They have a movie playing daily in the conference room on deck 7 in a theater atmosphere. There are a lot of activities from morning until late in the evening early mornings.

Breakfast in the windjammer was very good every morning and hot and fresh daily. I read that the food was cold in the windjammer; we didn’t think so. Keep in mind that it is a buffet, but new fresh trays were brought out constantly. Either going at 7am or 9am it was always good and plenty to choose from. There were pancakes, blue berry pancakes, waffles, French toast, bagels, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, omelets, eggs, bacon, sausages, yogurt, hot cereal, cold cereal, cottage cheese, fruits, donuts, pastry’s, wheat toast, and white toast …we ate breakfast in the windjammer every morning. They had a build your own omelet station that was cooked right before you. Scrambled eggs were also there in a different area.

Port of call- we were supposed to go to Coco Cay our first day, but there was an itinerary change do to the weather. The captain announced over the speake that he wanted the best weather for our cruise vacation and he was flipping the itinerary so we’d have a sea day for day one, Nassau day two and Coco Cay day 3. This benefited us so much and made every dollar of our cruise worth even more. We ended up having beautiful weather on our port days. Thank you so much again to the captain. Why it benefited us was because we got into Nassau that evening of “at sea day” at 6pm so after dinner or you could choose to get off right at 6 and eat somewhere on the Island, but after dinner we got off the ship and spent some good hours on the Island. We had more than 24 hours at this port and got gorgeous photos of the ship and her lights at night. We were able to plan so much more activity’s and really felt like we had seen a lot of Nassau rather than a quick visit.

Nassau, Bahamas- The first evening we went to Paradise Island to tour the Atlantis Resort and to gamble in there casino. We stayed for a good part of the night and enjoyed it over there a lot. Be careful of the taxi drivers they try to stiff you for every dollar. The town at night right in Nassau was a bit scary -  very worn down so we stuck to Paradise Island. It was beautiful over there. You have to cross the bride. We walked the first night and it took us a good 45 minutes to an hour. During the day we took the ferry boats which were $3.50 per person round trip. Taxis are 4 dollars per person per way. We got into the beach area at the Atlantis without having to pay the 20.00 per person fee. We just went through the lobby and down the floor were their guests rooms are and were able to get through the doors there. We tried at first through the casino and lobby doors and we were asked to show our  room card. So going through the guest room area is how we got in. The aquariums were so pretty. We saw sharks, stingrays, hammer heads and more. The aquariums are outside over gorgeous bridges and palm trees. The beach was clear sands and clear turquoise waters. We had bought our own snorkel set so we could snorkel anywhere for free rather than paying each time we wanted to snorkel. We thought this really was the way to go. You pay 40.00 to snorkel per person on some excursions or more and you can buy your own set at this price. We enjoyed snorkeling at the Atlantis and then got some souvenirs and headed back to Nassau for our excursion. We did the Stuart cove very own sub bubble. This was so much fun. We took a shuttle, about 20 minute drive to a private area and had our brief demonstration on how to use your sub and then boarded a vessel which was a 30 minute boat ride. I got some awesome pictures of the ocean the water is so gorgeous out there. My advice is to do some type of an excursion that you get to ride a vessel so you can see the clear beautiful turquoise waters. You will not be disappointed, it was so romantic. We got in our own sub bubble and went 35 feet under and saw some of the most gorgeous fish and we got to stay down there for a good 35 minutes. A tour guide takes you around. You don’t have to be a certified diver this is a bubble that goes over your head and a scooter you drive. It was so fun. After the 35 minutes down below the other group goes and if you don’t have snorkel gear they provide it for you and you snorkel for 35 minutes. The water and fish were gorgeous out there.... nothing like the fish just right on the beach. I highly recommend this excursion it was worth every dollar. Our ship didn’t leave Nassau until midnight so we had so much extra time to look and relax.

Coco Cay, Bahamas- this is Royal Caribbean’s Private Island. You have to tender back and forth at this destination. It’s a beautiful Island. We snorkeled on our own with our snorkel gear and it was pretty, but nothing like in Nassau out in the waters. We noticed that the fish get prettier and bigger the further out you snorkel so go far out. We saw stingrays out there and all sorts of cool things. We also did the kayak adventure which was fun and we snuck some pretty seashells in our pockets because I didn’t know if they’d let you take them on the boat. We were never stopped. I liked being able to bring some seashells home as a souvenir. The Kayak adventure was an hour and a half, we enjoyed every minute of it. We did not eat the free BBQ at the Island we went back to the ship for lunch. This was a clean safe Island for shopping for souvenirs too. We left Coco Cay at 4pm and headed back to Cape Canaveral, Florida.

We arrived back in Cape Canaveral on Friday around 6am we had our sea pass account statement on our door when we woke up. You go up to guest services to discuss issues. If you do not have any issues, then your card gets charged that amount - it’s pretty well organized. Everything on the ship is put onto your sea pass card cash is only accepted in the casino. We had breakfast in the Windjammer and waited for them to call out or color for departure of the ship. It was organized as smoothly as could be and we were off the ship at 10:15am.

I had a wonderful time on this ship of the Sovereign of the Seas. The food, service and entertainment were awesome. I would love to cruise again on the Sovereign to experience new things each time. Royal Caribbean is wonderful; we will be sailing with Royal Caribbean again. I hope this has helped.




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