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Age: 33

Occupation:Flooring Installer

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Sovereign of the Seas

Sailing Date: February 26th, 2007

Itinerary: NOT FOUND

The start of this cruise was confusing. We were all pre-checked in and were told we could go right on to the ship. But when we arrived, we had to wait in line anyway. Once we were on the ship the main area was impressive. We located our cabins (we had 3 inside cabins on deck 2) They didn't look anything like what we were shown when we paid for the cruise. But hey it's a place to sleep right? The room was a little small. But the beds were comfortable. We had 2 single beds that they had put together with a pad on the top so you couldn't feel the separation. But this made the room even tighter. My children slept on single beds that folded up to the wall above the lower bed. Everyday our room was cleaned and the beds made up. The first night we were told there were no shorts or t-shirts allowed in the dining room. So I took my family to Johnny Rockets. They charged us a $4.00 per person fee to just sit down. We ordered fries and burgers. They brought us the fries 15 mins before the burgers. And there was a fly in my daughters drink. Which they wouldn't replace with out another charge. So we spent $26.00 to have crappy service and eat cold food. Later my parents told us that the dining room was full of shorts and t-shirts. And there were even a few people dining in their bathing suits. When my mother asked about the attire, she was informed they don't enforce that rule.

The next day we arrived on Coco Cay.  The island was bigger than we thought. It was very clean and the lunch they served was great! The only down side to this Island is the extra charges to do anything there but swim. This is a private Island. I feel the activities should have been included. There was a water park at the cost of $40.00 per person for the day. Which included some water blow up toys and a big water slide. We didn't use these as we had 10 people in our group. An figured it wasn't worth $400.00 to play on these. They offer snorkeling Items also but at an additional cost also. So we ended up just strolling around the coast line. We found allot of wildlife  along  the far side of the Island. Everything from jelly fish to hermit crabs, even a few star fish! There was a nice sand bar on the far side also which allowed you to walk out quite away. It was a nice day!

We arrived back on the ship with little time to get ready for the formal dinner that night. Our first visit to the dinning room. The wait staff was on top of their game. Our waiter Marco was the greatest. He had everyone's names down pat the first meal. The food was great. If you didn't like what you ordered he would promptly get you anything else you wanted. You could order 5 deserts if you wanted or every thing on the daily menu. The staff did a few sing and dance routines that were awesome. All props go to the dining room staff! Cooks and waiters.

After the formal dinner we stopped in the main section of the ship to have pictures taken. They had 5 or 6 different backdrops to choose from. On Wednesday we were in Nassau. This is a nice place to visit, but stay on the main strip and avoid the drug dealers. The straw market was a great place to barter with the locals and watch the crafts they were making by hand. But if you leave the beach area you will find yourself in a very very poor part of town were we didn't feel very safe. We went back and forth a few times. When we returned to our ship the last time with our items we got at some great deals.

The cruise went down hill. We found our cabin flooded. The bathroom floor drain was pumping water in to our room faster than I could dump it. We called customer relations, who sent staff running. They stopped the water and cleaned up quickly. But just removed the water no disinfecting. And we had to have a blower fan in our room over night which was loud and annoying. We found out that 4 of the rooms on that level had flooded this week. As we wandered around the boat we noticed carpet that had shown signs of other floods on this boat on lots of floors. We asked about the hot tubs a few times with different answers from the staff. they never opened the whole cruise)

We went to a few of the shows on the ship they were always over booked. The seating was limited so we had to stand thru a few. (so get to them early) The shows were fantastic - A++++ to the entertainers! After returning to our room we couldn't get over the musty smell in our cabins from the flood so we had to request someone come clean up. (this should have been done right away in our opinion.)

We spent all day Thursday at sea which they had allot of different activities planned for the day. A mens sexy leg contest. (which wasn't about legs at all but looked like a male xxx club where the men were asked to dance for selected guest judges.) Had to remove my children from the pool area due to this. The there was the belly flop contest where we were approached by a member of the officer staff who was very rude cause we were standing by the closed hot tubs. So we missed this event. I took part in the rock climbing contest. And after this my children wanted to try. But they were VERY rudely told, that the rock climbing was closing! How do you close a rock?

This was a day at sea you would think they would keep every on board activity open all day. They had a late pool party that night that lasted until 1 am. It was a great party. But then you had to be out of your room by 8 am the next morning. Which made allot of cranky people trying to exit the ship.

So over all the cruise was ok. Adventure Ocean Was the greatest thing on this ship. My children didn't want to even go to this at first but after the first visit we couldn't keep them out of there! Pizza Paula my kids will remember you forever! Way to go!

The shows were great
The dinning room staff was great and so was the food Adventure Ocean kept the kids entertained and allowed us allot of free time.

Staff had no communication. No one had a clue about what was going on. 
Flooding cabins.
Hot tubs never opened.
Johnny rockets was not a good experience.
Some very rude staff.
Some rules were enforced some were not depended on who was on duty. Back to no communication.

At the end of the cruise,  they gave us a 50% off coupon due to all the problems we had but I don't think we will use it. Not on this ship anyway. The boat is old and should be retired! Do not cruise on this ship if you want an enjoyable cruise! For my first cruise it really turned me off on cruises. We ran into allot of people telling us they have used this cruise line in the past on other ships and had zero problems. This boat had caused them issues also. So maybe it is just this ship? We are thinking about using our coupon to try another ship but still undecided.







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