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Age: 51


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Sovereign of the Seas

Sailing Date: 10-10-2008

Itinerary: Bahamas

The people who have given the really bad reviews of The Sovereign Of The Seas must be plants from other cruise lines. I just returned from a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas on the Sovereign Of The Seas - and it was the most fantastic vacation my wife and I have been on. I will start from the beginning to the end and this should debunk a lot of the bad reviews. Keep in mind the Sovereign will only be sailing with Royal Caribbean for another month then “The Monarch of the Seas” will be taking over which is basically the same class of ship as The Sovereign. We arrived in Coco Beach FL a day early and stayed over night at the Comfort Inn on a park & cruise deal. Our pick up came at 10:30am and we arrived at the port at about 10:45am. Dropped off checked bags with porter and proceeded to check in, in the online check in line and was on the ship at 11:40am….Smooth! Went directly to the Spa to set an appointment for my wife to have a massage and facial! Appointment set for 8:00pm...Smooth! One disappointment was that while looking for the spa we didn't know aft from forward at the time and the people on board to help with directions could not tell us how to get there. We were on the 8th deck (forward) and needed to get aft on the 10th deck and did not know which elevators would take us there. We found it on our own. After the Spa Reservation we proceeded to the Windjammer for lunch as we could not get to our stateroom till after 1:00pm. The lunch that waited in this buffet was fantastic. As could as Buffet Lunch as you would get anywhere. Do not come expecting a Gourmet Lunch at the Buffet! The free drinks are coffee, water, lemonade & Ice Tea. If you want soft drinks you will have to pay extra or buy an all you drink while on the cruise soft drink pass. We did not choose this option as we do not really drink a lot of sodas so the free options were fine for us. You can also purchase for an amount to have as much bottled beer as you want. All and all this was a pleasant experience even as it filled up the more passengers started coming aboard. We then walked around the ship exploring until 1:00, went to our deck which was now open and went to our stateroom. One of the biggest complaints I have seen on here and on other review sites is about the small staterooms. The staterooms are not hotel size big but I do not see why anyone would expect them to be. We had an ocean view and I would not try to squeeze 3 or 4 people into it. For 2 people however it was big enough. We had the bed together for the queen size and you could not tell it was 2 twins together and was more comfortable than I was expecting. The bathroom area with sink, shower and toilet was a nice size (picture an airline bathroom with a shower added). The shower was big enough and it served the purpose for the 3 days. In the closet space you have to stack your bags and there are shelves in there also to put things. Not a lot of room on the desk area but we were never there a lot anyway and it has a couple of drawers. There is a television which shows live CNN, Live sports, movies, cartoons for kids, ships information including the heading map of the ship and a channel that shows highlights of things going on on the cruise. Our Stateroom Attendant (Stanley) was a cool guy from day 1. The towel animals he left on the bed at turndown were neat! The room was always spotless. You would leave and come back and everything was done, almost as if the materialized into the room after you left. We did the prepaid gratuities and he is the only one we slipped a little extra into the envelope for. Oh and I never did on any part of the ship smell any sewer like smell and I went all over just to see if this story was true. For Main dining we had main seating at 6:00. Now this would be a decision you would have to make, for everybody has the own personal taste when it comes to this. We chose 6:00 because don't usually eat late dinners at home. While at port if you are planning late excursions, then the 8:30 time would probably be better for you. Our Head waiter and assistant were fantastic. The Head guy over them (I forgot what you call him) would basically just come around to all the tables and make small talk that didn't seem genuine to me, but more like he was doing it just because that is what is expected. The food selection was great, the taste was fine also. The entree servings some say on here are small, but I guess they have never really been to a gourmet restaurant, as that is the serving size that you get. On the Cruise ship however you can order and try everything that you want on the menu. My wife asked the head waiter if she could try something different, he told her, If you tell me to bring it I will, so I would try a couple of different entrees, appetizer, soup and desserts each night. The Formal night was nice. We enjoyed dressing up for this. I wore a suit and my wife wore a formal woman's skirt suit. Did not notice any men with tuxedos on. Overall the dining room experience in the Illusions dining room was outstanding. The clubs, and the Theater (For the shows), always had something going on. You just have to go to something you like by checking your cruise compass which is put in your stateroom daily. The finale show on the last night was a pretty good show which was a retrospective of singers and dancers performing hits while impersonating the singers and groups that song the songs from the 50's to the I think the 90's. I won't go into the all the things that went on as there was so much. Never got into the pool but it looks like the people who did enjoyed it. Used the Whirlpool/Hot Tub once on the day we came back from Coco Cay. Not crowded then as a lot of people were still on the Island. Relaxed in it for about an hour (Great!). Nassau: Hot! (Take bottled water with you). Went on tour of the Island that was made through Royal in advance. Nice history lesson, very knowledgeable tour guide in a nice size Air Conditioned Van. Was able to get out at the stops including Atlantis on Paradise Island and take plenty of great pictures. There are lots of Taxis that try to vie for your services once you leave the pier to take you on tours or other excursions, I just felt more comfortable going on one set up through Royal. After tour was over, you are dropped off near the pier and close to the Straw Market. Went to the Straw Market but did not do the shopping thing anywhere else because we were not interested. Bought a few things in the straw market and then went back to the ship and had lunch in the Windjammer. CoCo Cay: Had breakfast in the Windjammer and then proceeded to head to the Island. Tenders to the Island run to and from the ship about every 20 minutes. Once on the Island we walked around, went to the small straw market and then found a place in under some trees to sit. I don't know why people on here say that there were not a lot of places to sit or no shade as this is simply not true. There are beach lounge chairs galore and plenty of shade or sun whichever you prefer. The Barbeque lunch on the island provided by the ship was fantastic. There are many stations set up to get the food so there were not very long lines at any of them. Did the Wave Runners excursion which was one of the most fun things I have ever done. The only thing was that on the day we were there, the waters were very choppy so you couldn't really get a smooth ride. I fell off of my Wave Runner twice at 50 mph, but it was still fun. On the day we pulled back into Port Canaveral we ate breakfast once again in the Windjammer after we packed our carry-on bag and afterward went to designated spot in the Follies Lounge to await our turn to get off the ship. They do this by a color coded system that you are given the night before to put on your checked baggage. Unfortunately our color was one of the last 3 colors to be called, so we pulled into port at 6:30 and was off the ship by 8:30. You already know the time you will depart so in our case we slept later and hung out in the Windjammer longer before going to Follies to await our turn. Everyone has opinions and unfortunately some on here find everything in the world to complain about, but I stated in the beginning I wonder if there are plants to give bad reviews. Royal Caribbean Sovereign of the Seas was great and we are already planning our next cruise to the Southern Caribbean for 7 days on Royal Caribbean!

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