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RoxAnna Foudray

Age: 41


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Vision of the Seas

Sailing Date: July 9th, 2004

Itinerary: Alaska

RoxAnna Foudray

This was the 2nd cruise we have taken and thankfully not our first experience as it would have put me off from cruising ever again.

Although our stateroom was nice and well planned with space, with good mattresses the attendants seemed to be pretending to be interested in our needs, I got the feeling that they really didn’t care. Maybe just who you get is your bad luck, I never saw the attendants, but all the “stuff” was always in the hallways. Our towels were left dirty on the floor. We drank sodas in the room, they were not replaced so we would have more for next time, etc. Our toilet would not flush on a regular basis, and apparently was a problem on the whole ship. I asked for an extra blanket since it was cold in our room and it took 2 calls and 24 hours to receive it. Tips are for service, which we did not really get here, so neither did they.

The Windjammer is the worse restaurant I have ever eaten in, (too bad I had prepaid haha) and I don’t think I am that picky when it comes to food. But breakfast foods were consistently cold, except for the ready to order omelet each morning. (After 7 days I was sick of them though). The lunches there were not any better, I never ate dinner, so cannot comment. The service was okay, but very slow and they didn’t seem to ever have enough food out especially during the rush periods.

The lunch in the Aquarius Dining Room was blah and the same menu basically everyday with a few changes to soup. The Dinners in the Dining Room were pretty good, hot and flavorful. Our waiter and asst waiter were very good and could deliver what we wanted on the 2nd day without us asking (extra bread, water, no alcohol needed, diet coke), they treated us very good, knowing our names and wants, and they were rewarded for their efforts in our tips to them.

We did not do any of the on shore tours and chose to do our own things once we arrived in the ports, we enjoyed this and the cost was probably ½ of what it would have cost on the ship.

Captain George was very pleasant and made sure we were able to see local sights while cruising, whales, sea lions, etc., he announced the sightings and slowed the ship down for viewing at times.

We hit an iceberg at the Hubbard Glacier and our prop was bent and we were a couple hours late getting into Seward Port, however, we had late train tickets which did not affect us, however, they seemed to be making good accommodations for those that needed them, because of missed flights, etc.

Over all I would not take this ship again (Or probably Royal Caribbean) because of the food problems, one of my hobbies is eating good food. I want different, cooked well, experience and not have to worry about getting ill if the food is bad. From other reviews that are 3-4 years old, they are plagued with some of the same problems, and don’t seem to have corrected them.

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