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Age: 27


Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Vision of the Seas

Sailing Date: 05-10-2009

Itinerary: Northern Europe

We received a good deal on the cruise, which had a 4-day itinerary. That was ideal because it allowed us to build the rest of our vacation around it. Unfortunately, the cruise was definitely a sore spot of the overall vacation experience. Royal Caribbean had terrible customer service, awful food, and an embarrassingly bad performers.

Overall the food was horrible. The only healthy thing I found onboard was the (semi) fresh fruit and salad from the salad bar. Everything was completely doused in butter and salt. The fish was consistently overcooked and had an awful texture. Water was hard to come by, unless you paid $4 for a half-liter bottle. Coffee tasted like sewage. But the cookies were pretty good.

Decent size, but there was a pillow that was soiled and the bathroom was pretty dirty - the shower curtain was disgusting.

The one show we went to felt like a waste of time. We needed earplugs for the piano bar.

Over priced. We did the same thing on our own for half the price and more flexibility timewise.

The itinerary was perfect. The cruise was terrible. From check-in until well after disembarking, the cruise caused problems. It took them 4 times to get me a key card with my correct information and that also worked to open up my cabin door. They ran out of champagne at the Captain's reception so we did not get any, and the Captain didn't even show up. Someone took the tip form from our stateroom the night before we had to hand it in and the customer service desk was rude and refused to give another one to us. We still cannot understand why they could not put the tips on our bill the day before the cruise ended, but we could purchase photos and booze up to the minute before. The worst of all was without a doubt the disembarkment. The cruise ended in Oslo, which was not the port from which it originated. We followed the disembarkment procedures and left with our color group. When we got off the ship, there was no staff from the cruiseline in the tent that they left us. There were 2 lines with customs signs for people either with items to declare or with nothing to declare. When we got to the end of our line, there was no customs, but rather a bus to take you into the city. We had been planning to walk to the train station and didn't know that they were offering bus service so we basically waited in that line for a half hour for no reason. When we got out of the dock area, we couldn't figure out where we were on our maps because they dropped us off at a different pier on the other side of the city than we were told we would be (and where their website said the pier was). So basically, we had to run through the city after figuring this out and almost missed the train that we had booked. Needless to say, we will NEVER travel with this cruise line again. Despite the fact that is was cheap, we will not put up with service this terrible.

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