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Age: 35


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Voyager of the Seas

Sailing Date: 2010-12-26

Itinerary: Caribbean cruise

We cruised on the Royal Caribbean, Voyager of the Sea-26Dec2010-2Jan2011. We visited Mexico, Honduras and Belize. The Ocean tossed the boat like it was nothing and the cabins are small to the point of clausterphobia, glad it was only 7 nights and good thing I could walk out of our room to our own private patio for some air. INTERNET sucks on the ship, only 6 hot spots and the cost to connect is 68 cents a minute. SKYPE does NOT work on the ship. The game room takes your money, all games in there are like $2, no one to complain to about getting your money back for the kids. Think 3,000 people trying to get off at each port and you only get between 8-4:30 to tour each country. Ship leaves at 4:30 SHARP. The long line to get off the ship at 8 is VERY Long. Expect everyone to be off the ship by 10. If you have an early excursion setup at 8 be sure to get in line around 5-6 AM. Any liquor is confiscated as you board back onto the ship and then given back to you after the 7 days is up. So - YES- you can buy the yummy rum cakes and rum in Belize, you just can't have them until after the cruise is done. Here is a tip - SNORKEL IN BELIZE, SHOP in Mexico, ZipLine and do the Guided tour thru Victor Bodden's in Honduras (Anthony was awesome NEW YEAR'S party was awesome on the cruise! You will party until 4AM if you so desire.

The fine dinning was awesome. The cafe promenade is NOT free like the cruise line says it is. I was charged on my final bill. The cafe promenade serves pizzas and quick meals like that. The final bill is given to you the morning you are leaving. So here you are making sure everyone is packed and nothing is left , then to look at a bill and with everyone's luggage march to customer service on the 5th deck to get in line with everyone and their luggage to get a bill resolved. The point of the cruise line giving the final bill like that is "what" make the customer frustrated and just say forget it and pay the bill???

We were on the 6th floor with our own private deck/patio. EXCELLENT = 5 stars Our room was always clean, beds made, bathrooms clean, clean towels, and towel animals for the kids. WE LOVED OUR room service. FYI the ship is large but the halls and rooms are small. SO - sound echos really bad. KIDS that are loud, whooping, hollering, screaming, yelling until 3AM every night doesn't help with sleep.

4 Stars The arcade room for the kids right next to the ocean adventure club for kids was an automatic draw for the kids and they just had to spend money on the arcades. The arcades are expensive, swiping your sea pass card which is just like a credit card is dangerous. You swipe to put money on it, then swipe it to pay to play the games, well the games took the money and never let the kids play the games and good luck trying to find someone on the 13th deck of the ship to get your money back. STAY AWAY FROM THE ARCADES, THEY ARE A RIP OFF.

SNORKEL IN BELIZE, SHOP in Mexico, Honduras - ZipLine and do the Guided tour thru Victor Bodden's (our guide - Anthony - was awesome FYI* reefs are dying SO Mexico snorkeling really sucked, YOU need to snorkel BELIZE or skip all of the snorkeling and scuba dive instead. People also recommended the dune buggy or land excursions in Mexico but don't do the snorkeling.

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