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Joe Boston

Age: 53


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Voyager of the Seas

Sailing Date: 2010-09-19

Itinerary: Northern Mediterranean

Issue: My wife and I vacationed for our 30th anniverary. On 9/19/10, we arrived at the Carmen dining area on time and we escorted into the diningroom. The hostess could not find our seats, so I pointed out the correct table,282, in the Carmen diningroom, and was seated. The server approached and engaged our table mates whom we did not know, discussed wine selection with them as well as water service. We were not acknowledged by either our table mates or the server. The server took the others order then turn and left. Bottled water was served to the tablemates and again we still were not even acknowledged. Later, an asst. server approached the table, grabbed our water glasses and slopped (literally spilled on floor) tap water into them. Not a word was said. A few minutes later the server returned to the table looked at us and said. Do you want wine? This was our first greeting. We were not offered a wine list or water service, no explanation of the wine packages, nothing! At this point my wife and I looked at each other literally shocked at this offhand treatment. We got up, told the server he had been very rude to us and why, then left. We walked about and calmed down deciding what to do. Went to information counter, explained briefly what had happened and asked what were our options. We were told to return to the Carmen and the manager would meet us there. We were actuallly met by a "strongarm" type person who did not greet us but watched our every move. Finally several minutes later after we were about to leave, a man could be seen approaching the entrance. We approached him, not the other way around and asked if we were to meet him. He said yes and asked what had happened. We started to explain, but he cut us off and said he would assign us to another table and had a host take us to a deuce table by the serving station. We waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, said manager was passing through the dining room and glared in our direction. I said to him, working on strike 2? He immediately began snapping his fingers and glaring at a couple employees in the area at the server staion and pointing at us. We were then waited upon. Service was decent, food decent, nothing special. Also never an apology. This experience caused my wife to refuse to return to the Carmen or participate in any of the formal events on the ship for the entire cruise although we had packed appropriate clothing for these events and left an unfinished bottle of wine for later use. What amazes me is that every other interaction with staff and crew for the entire cruise was wonderful. I have been in the food service business over 35 years and operate multiple restaurants. My wife and I both have a lot of knowledge, patience, and understanding regarding the mechanics of restaurant operations. We were simply blown away by the offhand ill treatment at the Carmen. There was never an apology, no clear understanding of what had happened, no follow up with us, nothing.

Over all trip was nice but the quality of service and lack of follow up and follow through still has me miffed a year later

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