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Age: 35


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Voyager of the Seas

Sailing Date: December 17th, 2005

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

Royal Caribbean
Voyager of the Seas
7 Day Eastern Caribbean


We were having a good time until someone stole my daughter’s shoes out of our cabin while we were on an excursion. They did a cabin search and pretty much blamed our daughter. Saying “Teenagers misplace things”. This wouldn’t have been that bad except my wife and both our daughters saw them before we left the room.

After that, I paid more attention to there work habits, leaving your door open and going off to get supplies. There were a great deal of kids I think 1100 in all so teenagers doing pranks could be suspected. I’m sure the 50 year old guy didn’t need a pair of Etnies. If a thief would have searched our room the person would have found a $2000 dollar laptop. After hours there was no authority figures present and children just ran wild. I personally had to break up 2 fights.

After that my family wouldn’t participate in onboard activities so this cruise was ruined. My wife and children are very shy so these things upset them and they start worrying about their safety and who could blame them after hearing stories of people being abducted and then cruise lines denying them any help. The company offered no support, help or guarantees of any kind for us over a pair of $80 shoes. We had to return to our home state in the snow with her wearing flip flops. We will probably try a smaller company next time that is more personal and cares about its customers on an individual basis.

Our door showed signs of forced entry with the weather stripping torn off around the latch mechanism. We filed a report and were told to check lost and found.

The food on the buffet was good the first day but after that the place just kept getting dirtier and dirtier I would not suggest eating at the buffets on a ship unless you have to due to missing the dining room times. The sanitation policies for this many people on board were not kept up as well as our local McDonalds which is not spotless but very clean.

The dining room food was excellent and service very good. That made the trip very worth while. I would def. recommend eating in the ding room 3 meals a day. It was very enjoyable.
The excursions were also very disorganized leaving something to be desired at every stop. The way they get 2000 people off a boat and onto tours is atrocious.

Over all I would go on a cruise again but never with this company. Their inability to police their ships and lack of any responsibilities to their customers is haphazard at best. If their policies are not improved I’m sure they will decline and other corporations will take up their lost business.

Choose another company for your first experience.

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