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Bradley Blue

Age: 31


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Star Clipper

Ship: Royal Clipper

Sailing Date: 2011-01-22

Itinerary: Windward Islands

We simply could not have imagined a better honeymoon. Take this trip!!!

Every day there was something new and delicious to eat.My was is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu, and she was thrilled at the menu and preparation. The best part is not what you're eating, but where you're eating it (the movement of the ship reminds you every moment that you are on a true sailing vessel) and who you're eating it with (our dinner compains each night were fantastic- they had lived such adventurous lives and were as turned off by the big lumbering cruise ships as we were). One day we had a full grilled lunch on the beach Antigua, another day we ate on the deck. Always amazing food.

Very nice - almost exactly as big as the one on the Sea Princess. Our porthole was about 2 to 4 feet from the water, depending on the list of the ship, and often went underwater while under sail.

Very fun. What the ship lacks in water slides and mega-pool, it makes up for in crows nests and sailing accoutrement.

We kind of wished we'd have spent each day on ship or going ashore on the tender boat. The excursions we paid for were lackluster - with the possible exception of swimming with stingrays in Antigua.

Having spent the previous four months planning our honeymoon and dreaming about it every minute of every day, I was sure that the SPV Royal Clipper could not live up to my very high expectations. Three days later I still have a high (as well as sea legs!) We spent our final night in the Executive Suite at the Barbados Hilton, and all we did was wish we were still on the ship. (P.S.The Hilton is very nice, though. I do recommend them as well.) Before I left, I had some concerns, so I'll address them as I imagine many of you reading this are in a similar age group or circumstance: Average age: Since my wife and I are 25 and 31 years old, we feared getting on a ship where the average age is (at least) 65. Truth be told, it was the best thing we could have done. There were several young couples on the ship and we formed close bonds, but we also found that we very much enjoyed hanging out with the older couples. They had much more in the way of interesting life stories, and all of them had very healthy marriages and very positive outlooks on marriage. You don't notice how down most people are on marriage until you're around people who treasure their own. It was very encouraging. These people are also not your standard cruisers. Each were adventure travelers and had no interest in being trough-fed on a huge floating Las Vegas. Eating with others: See above. We LOVED sitting with our new friends that were our age, but hearing about the adventures of our older counterparts and getting good solid advice from people who have made marriages work left us dreaming about what stories we'd have to tell when we reached retirement.Not to mention - older people like to buy younger people drinks. Sea sickness: On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd say most people at some point reached at least a 3, a few people got to a 5 or 6, and some people were full-blown 10s. HOWEVER, I would bet a lot of money that even the people who got the most sick would not even mention it in the conversation when asked about the cruise. It just wasn't a big deal at all. Make sure to bring some over the counter seasickness pills (NOT the prescription kind, which are gel bandages you put on your neck. They fall of when swimming.) Drinking/Nightlife: About 30% of the people on board are Brits, and we made quick friends as we defended our countries' honor by trying to hang with them. (We did.) You won't have any 3:00 AM parties, but I'd say there are at least 15 people out in the Tropical Bar until after midnight. Shopping: There weren't as many opportunities to shop as my wife would have liked. Most of the time we anchored off of a remote shore - most of the good shopping in located near major ports. Adventure/activities: Adventure is built into the ship. You can't help but feel like Jack Sparrow when the sails are up. Beach activities were great. Most people just laid there sunbathing, but many others went exploring (very remote beaches) or snorkeling either by themselves or with the resident Marine Biologist, Mariano. That was great because even an ordinary day of snorkeling was fascinating when he explained the details of seemingly trivial ocean creatures. Snorkeling on most days was fantastic, though! There were many other wonderful features of the honeymoon on-board the Royal Clipper in the Windward Islands, but I can't write about them all. Please contact me if you have any questions.

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