5 Packing Techniques for Cruise Ship Luggage

Cruise ship cabins are small, so managing your cruise ship luggage can be trying. There are ways to make packing for your vacation less stressful. The good news is that understanding and using these tips will not only save you time while packing, but you'll also save valuable space in those notoriously tiny cabins. The key concept is to remember to pack light. There are generally laundry services or facilities available on board in case you need to wash clothes. The fewer items you take, the less room is wasted with stuff you don't need. Here are 5 tips to keep your luggage manageable and your trip enjoyable.

1. Pack Hangers

Most cruise ship cabins will have plenty of closet space with only one problem: there are not enough hangers. You will generally receive about 5 or 7 hangers for a closet that could easily fit about 50. To add to this imperfect pairing, the drawer space is limited and tiny. Help get the clothes out of your bag and in orderly fashion by lining the bottom of your suitcase with the hangers. Hangers are lightweight and will not take up much space.

2. Use One Luggage Set

Although some cabins allow you access to space under the bed for storing your empty suitcase, not all do. This means your bulky empty luggage will waste space in your tiny cabin. Make the most of your space by packing with coordinating suitcases. This way, you can put them inside of each other and take up less space. If you don't have an under bed area for your luggage, and there is no space left in your closet, try storing your empty bags in your shower area, just make sure to remove them before you turn on the water.

3. Leave the Fluff At Home

You simply don't need that many outfits or pairs of shoes on a cruise. Plan on 1 or 2 poolside cover ups and dinner wear outfits that are a bit nicer. You'll need a few swimsuits and some pajamas. If you run out of clothes, most ships offer a laundry service or even a self-service laundry area. Pack shoes that can go with every outfit you pack, as opposed to a limited number. The fewer items you take, the less clutter you'll have in your cabin. This will also allow you to have more space to bring gifts home with you.

4. Ask About Toiletries

When booking, ask what will provided in your stateroom. Often, the ships will come with a hairdryer, shampoo, razors, even toothbrushes and pain killers. If the cruise line wants to provide you with complimentary toiletries, why waste space packing your own?

5. Understanding Luggage Porters

When you arrive for your cruise, there will be a porter assigned to take your bags for you. They will then be screened for security and delivered to your room later. Although it is customary to tip a dollar per bag, many lines actually discourage tipping. Make sure you know your cruise line's policy before arriving at the port.

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