Cruise Ship Security: 4 Items Travelers Cannot Bring

There are many items passengers cannot bring on cruises due to cruise ship security. The banning of these items is done to protect the staff and guests from threats like illnesses, accidents or harm by other people. Many items banned items involve common sense not to take them on a cruise ship. Some of these things are weapons and illegal substances. Attempting to bring these banned items on board have an array of consequences, ranging from confiscation, removal from the ship to being taken into custody, depending on the severity. To avoid any confusion, make sure not to bring any of the following items aboard with you when going on a cruise.


It is self-explanatory not to bring weapons to a cruise ship, but some people do not know the definition of a weapon. Many cruises do not have a clear cut definition of weapons, either. Some cruises state a weapon is anything sharp like scissors. Generally speaking, passengers are not allowed to take knifes, guns or chains which could be used to hit people on board the ship. Passengers are not allowed to bring any "street weapons" on board, such as brass knuckles, hidden blades or makeshift weapons. You cannot take explosives or flammable chemicals.

Food, Plants or Live Animals

There are many countries that restrict the plants or animals that go into the area. The problem is that if these animals or plants are introduced to a new area, they may upset the food chain or negatively affect the population of other plants and animals native to the area. Even seemingly harmless plants can become invasive when introduced to other areas or other climates.

HAM Radios

One of the many wonders of a ham radio is that it allows for people to communicate all over the world without having to pay money. They are also convenient. People can give a HAM radio many different uses from basic chatting with other people all over the world to actually using the HAM radio for assistance during or after a catastrophe or emergency situation. However, this same technology could be abused and might be potentially harming for the cruise and the individuals on board.

Hazardous Chemicals

Some of the banned chemicals include bleach, paint thinner and lighter fluid. These chemicals are banned because if they are released into the air, they might actually harm the health of the guest on board a cruise ship. They are also flammable. These chemicals can also be used for explosives or to harm other passengers.

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